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harmony os vs android 12

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Google Android 12 it is the next operating system that comes with several new features. Android is open source and provides different kinds of customizations for smartphone manufacturers to customize Android and make it a base of their custom software skin just like the Huawei EMUI.

However, if it comes from any phone like Huawei, Samsung, and others, the Pixel device may have been minimized and there are a limited number of apps, which only Google released. This clean and exclusive user experience of Google applications is called – Stock Android.

But HarmonyOS is the next operating system that has entered Huawei phones in China with the HarmonyOS 2 version. Therefore, more and more device owners continue to update on this new open source operating system to increase the numbers of HarmonyOS to take on. to Android.

harmony os vs androdi 12

Image credit: huawei central

In the past, we have compared different Android software, including numerous types of software skins, but this time, we will compare Android 12 with HarmonyOS 2. For this comparison between HarmonyOS 2 and Android 12, we will first dive into quick settings. feature of both software and see which one is the best.

Android 12 Quick Settings:

Android 12 is powered by Material You, a new user interface design specially designed for the Android ecosystem. Android 12’s Quick Settings panel shows the same integrations. Once sent down, you can access the quick settings and there are several tiles (quick touch buttons), which are a good amount of width to make sure you don’t miss a touch.

The brightness control and the volume sliders now also have larger sliders. However, the position of the brightness slider at the top should have been at the bottom. You can also edit the Quick Settings options and add more or remove any if you want.

harmony os vs android 12

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However, a virtual power button is a lifesaver and is featured in Android 12, from which you can tap in emergency, initiate a crash, turn off the device, or restart it. It is not necessary to press the physical key to perform such actions.


HarmonyOS comes with a new Control Panel, which has different types of mobile services in one place, such as Media Drivers, Connectivity, Quick Settings, Super Device, and Connected Smart Device. You can manage them from one place without any hassle.

harmony you

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Speaking specifically about quick setup, HarmonyOS carries forward the EMUI 11 icons but polished them up with better visibility and the HM OS software design scheme. Compared to Android 12, you can check more of the quick switches on the same screen without any problem.

The design of the HarmonyOS Quick Settings is very simple and subtle, making it easy to use. However, that power switch is also a required feature that Huawei should use for this new operating system, to save the phone’s physical power key.

Source: HC

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