James Gunn released a Gilligan’s Island movie with a cannibal twist

Suicide squad Director James Gunn says he once released a movie of Gilligan’s island with a cannibalistic touch. The original show about a group of castaways stranded on a desert island during what was supposed to be just a three-hour tour broadcast on CBS from 1964 to 1967.

Years after CBS’s original three-year run, the show received a revival in the form of three television movies: The castaways on Gilligan’s Island, The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island and Gilligan’s Island Rescue. Today Gilligan’s island is probably best known to young people for his inspiring bar plot “Ginger or Mary Anne?” he asks and his classic theme song and of course older people still appreciate it. But despite the enduring popularity of the CBS sitcom, Gilligan, The Skipper and company to this day have never been brought back in theatrical film form.

James Gunn has just revealed, however, that efforts have been made to revive Gilligan’s island like a movie. In fact, according to Gunn’s legendary screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, at one point he released a Gilligan’s island film that, in true Kaufman fashion, added the gruesome twist of castaways turning on and cannibalizing each other (unsurprisingly, the idea went nowhere). Gunn went on to say that he revived the pitch a few years later and actually received the studio’s interest, but it was all shot down by the family of Gilligan’s island creator Sherwood Schwartz. Gunn tweeted his story as part of the recent “Submit a movie with two images, no captions” meme that has taken over Twitter. See his tweets in the space below:

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It’s interesting to note that Schwartz himself originally shot down Kaufman’s cannibal. Gilligan’s island pitch and that even after Schwartz’s death, his family continues to refuse to allow this version of the original show to see the light of day. But it seems Gunn is still eager to make this movie come true, as he puts it “If the Schwartz estate changes its mind, I’m here. “

Actually yes “Gilligan’s island but everyone gets cannibals “it was once made into a movie, it would be hard to imagine a better team to make that happen than Kaufman and Gunn. The former is, of course, a remarkably eccentric writer responsible for wacky screenplays like Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and Eternal radiance of a flawless mind. And Gunn is obviously known for his own rather strange sensibilities through movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and this summer Suicide squad.

But although Cannibal Gilligan’s Island It may seem like an incredible idea to Gunn and Kaufman fans, not to mention weird movie fans in general, it’s also easy to understand why Schwartz and later his family would reject the idea. Gilligan’s island he’s obviously still a Boomer favorite with a healthy reputation and a twisted take on the show where everyone turns cannibals could only undermine that image and certainly wouldn’t add value to the property. So while Gilligan’s island Still something that has value as a cheesy nostalgia, the Schwartz family is sure to continue to protect the show’s legacy from the crazed imaginations of the likes of Gunn and Kaufman. But maybe things will change in the future and a Gilligan’s island where everyone loses their minds and eats each other will become a reality.

Source: James Gunn / Twitter


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