Best Smart Bulbs 2021 – Reviewed and Rated

Smart LED bulbs that can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app are no longer a new idea. That it is What’s new is how far this technology has come since its inception a few years ago. Also new: products like the Nanoleaf light panels, a system of interlocking LED panels that allow you to decorate with light, fundamentally change the concept of the light bulb.

Smart LED bulbs are not a commodity, but they are approaching maturity as far as the market is concerned. Today’s bulbs are more compact, much brighter, have better color rendering, and for the most part feature feature control apps that do more than ever and are easier to set up. Prices have dropped as well, with some no-name color tunable bulbs now available for less than $ 10 each. (Buyer attention: you get what you pay for.)

White LED bulbs are smart too

With their rainbow of hues and a myriad of party tricks, colored LEDs attract all the press in the world of smart lighting. It’s kind of fun, but the reality is that most of us will rarely find the need to turn all the lights in the house blue or red, unless it’s time to celebrate our team winning the World Series. Even then, you’ll probably want to put them all back to blank after the celebration.

White light is also important in its own right, as there is a lot of science today to show how various shades of white, with variations in color temperature: impacts on our psychological state. Cold light closer to blue has an energizing effect and is best in the morning. Warm light is relaxing and is best after the sun goes down. However, keep in mind that not all white LED smart bulbs can match the color temperature. Please check the specifications before purchasing.

White smart bulbs minimize the party features that are a staple of color tunable bulbs. On the other hand, white smart bulbs are less expensive than colored ones, making them more affordable to install in multiple rooms.

We have tested almost every color and white smart LED bulb on the market. You will find links to all of our reviews at the bottom of the page and we will update this story as new models are released.

Updated October 14, 2021 to add our review of Nanoleaf Lines, a modular smart lighting product with foot-long backlit “line lights” that glow in up to 16 million colors and fit into hexagonal connectors, allowing for a variety of customizable designs. The new Nanoleaf lines are certainly one of a kind, and with their colorful and stylish lighting scenes, the lines are sure to turn heads during your Zoom calls or your Twitch sessions.

Best Color LED Smart Bulb

Philips was one of the first players in this market and the company’s experience shows it. Physically, their Hue Color and Ambiance bulbs haven’t changed much since their introduction in late 2012, but the latest generation lasts much longer and the company has added a Bluetooth radio that avoids the need for the Philips Hue Bridge (but most smart homes the inhabitants will want the Bridge anyway). The Philips Hue ecosystem is the broadest and deepest in the industry, including not only light bulbs of every imaginable shape and size, but also indoor and outdoor luminaires, including the Philips Hue Calla pass light and the Philips outdoor spotlight. Hue Lily, which I really like.

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