Judy Greer spoils a character’s big death on Halloween in an interview

Warning: SPOILERS for Halloween deaths below

Actress Judy Greer has revealed which death scene Halloween deaths she discovered that she was the cruelest, accidentally spoiling a character’s fate in the process. Killer Michael Myers has been on a horrific rampage since 1978 when he first appeared in John Carpenter’s classic slasher. Hallowe’en. David Gordon Green directed a direct sequel to the original film in 2018. Simply titled Hallowe’enOlder but still traumatized Laurie Strode prepares to face her would-be killer 40 years later. Michael’s reign of terror continues on October 15 when Halloween deaths hits theaters and airs on Peacock.

Halloween deaths will see the return of much of the cast from the first installment, including Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie, Judy Greer as her daughter Karen, and Andi Matichak as Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson. The film is set to pick up moments after the 2018 film ended, with the women rushing to the hospital to seek medical treatment for Laurie. In the first part, Karen dismissed her mother’s seemingly feigned paranoia. Now that Karen has experienced Michael’s wrath firsthand, the couple’s estranged dynamic is sure to change. Halloween deaths. Unfortunately for Karen, she is doomed to witness Michael’s bloodlust even more as he makes his way through Haddonfield.

In an interview with Collider, Greer told fans about Michael’s most gruesome murders in Halloween deaths, highlighting one in particular that made the actress shudder. One of the franchise’s nastiest characters, Cameron Elam, doesn’t seem to be spending Halloween night in the next movie. Although Greer does not go into details, the actress confirms that the death of Cameron, played by Dylan Arnold, is decidedly “horrible. “He also points to Michael’s resistance, stating that the scene feels longer than a few minutes. Read Greer’s full response below.

“Dylan Arnold and I became friends and we lived in the same neighborhood, and I saw this movie and I saw her death and I immediately texted her and said, ‘Your mother can’t see this movie. I’m really sorry, and tell her I said hi, but there’s no way your mom can see this. ‘ He was like, ‘Noticed’. He hadn’t seen the movie yet, and then when he saw it, he said, ‘Oh yeah, no, my mom can’t see this movie.’ It was so scary. I mean, Michael killed [Arnold’s] character alike, it just went on and on and on. “

Dylan Arnold first appeared in Hallowe’en in 2018, where he plays Allyson’s sordid and unfaithful boyfriend. Although Greer ruins his character’s fate, it likely doesn’t feel like a great loss to him. Hallowe’en fan base. TO Halloween deaths The behind-the-scenes feature film teased the character’s death, but some fans assumed his inclusion in the video was a red herring. Now Greer confirms that Cameron crosses paths with Michael in the next movie, and it doesn’t end well for Allyson’s ex-boyfriend.

Halloween deaths will feature inherited character Lonnie Elam, also known as Cameron’s father. Lonnie first appeared in the original 1978 film as Tommy’s bully who liked to scare neighborhood kids about the bogeyman. While fans now know what to expect for Cameron, viewers will have to wait to find out if his father will also have a run-in with Michael, or if the returning character will atone for his sins as a childhood bully. The public can see what awaits the Elam family in Halloween deaths this weekend.

Source: Collider


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