Tania confirms that she is also single with Syngin

Tania Maduro will join 90 days: the single life season 2 as a cast member with 90 day fiancé husband Syngin Colchester after their separation. South African Syngin first sparked rumors of a messy married life with his cryptic Instagram posts. Soon enough, Syngin was spotted with a new woman from Arizona who fans thought was his girlfriend. While the 90 days Promised The season 7 couple kept TLC viewers confused about the status of their relationship, Syngin was announced as a cast member of Single life. And it turns out, on the discovery + show, Tania will be joining artists like Big Ed Brown, Jesse Meester, and Natalie Mordovtseva.

Interestingly, Tania never intended to meet Syngin in South Africa, having traveled there for a date with a different man. But Tania ended up rejecting her man and entered a bar, where Syngin worked as a bartender and thus began her 90 day fiancé relationship. The path to the altar was not easy for Syngin with Tania in Puerto Rico during one month of the 90 days of her K-1 visa. And then there came a time when Tania confessed that her husband was not her soul mate as Syngin felt that he did not belong to the United States. Still, no one expected the next Tania and Syngin spin-off after 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? season 5 would be 90 days: the single life.

Tania recently shared an Instagram post that read: “I’m single, [Syngin] is single – we are all single !!But neither Tania nor Syngin shared the reason behind their breakup. A curious TLC fan approached Tania while trying to make zucchini noodles on Instagram and asked why she and Syngin had split up. Blogger @ 90daythemelanatedway posted an Instagram Live recording of Tania, where she revealed that she is also a cast member of 90 day fiancé cleave. “Well, on November 12 on Discovery +, you’ll get the inside scoop on that.”Tania said.

Even though they haven’t mentioned being in it at all, but I’m in it”Confirmed the Connecticut resident. According to Tania, fans will be able to see the reasons behind her split from Syngin. “I don’t know when it will be in TLC, but it will be in TLC, so make sure to be careful.Tania told her followers. Meanwhile, Syngin’s official biography for 90 days: the single life upon Us weekly notes that after two years of a difficult marriage, he and Tania agreed to divorce. For this to happen, Syngin will first have to get out of the shed. And that’s when Syngin decides to cross the country and start over.

If you look closely, Tania appears in the trailer for 90 days: the single life with Syngin. The video began with Syngin confessing that she is willing to meet a goth girl or a nun. “if the nuns even go out. “It later showed an angry Syngin asking Tania to stop blaming him for things.”Like I’m not here to make you happy anymore“He told Tania, who then stormed off when Syngin muttered the classic 90 day fiancé line, “I’ve finished. “Even though Tania and Syngin seem to have remained friends after their breakup, the fights that occurred in WELL Season 6 was apparently not over when they returned to Connecticut. However, Syngin is perhaps the only cast member on the show that fans don’t call a villain, so his and Tania’s journey might just be the one that keeps them entertained.


Sources: Tania Maduro/ Instagram, @ 90daythemelanatedway/ Instagram, Us weekly


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