Spider-Man 3 Hobgoblin Mask Easter Egg and Future Configuration Explained

The Sam Raimi Spiderman movies were full of Easter eggs, including a reference to The Hobgoblin in Spider man 3 which allowed its possible presentation in a future installment. Raimi Spiderman trilogy is known for its perfect blend of comic precision and truthful, realistically written characters, but one aspect of the movies that is occasionally overlooked is that it is firmly set in a populated Marvel universe, with references to Spiderman stories and characters from the movies and even some thanks to other Marvel characters in the non-cinematic material from the Raimi continuity. One of those references was to The Hobgoblin, one of Spider-Man’s most prominent adversaries for years in the comics. A Raimi iteration of the Hobgoblin mask can be found in Act 1 of Spider man 3.

The Hobgoblin, also known as Roderick Kingsley, was a major Spider-Man villain for years in Marvel comics. Upon discovering one of the hidden hiding places of Norman Osborn, apparently deceased, from the Green Goblin’s (played by Willem Dafoe) Gear, Kingsley, a corrupt corporate executive, modified Osborn’s formula to remove his insanity side effect and increase his physical enhancements. In a modified suit, Kingsley became The Hobgoblin. Although he was stronger than Norman, Kingsley’s lack of insanity made him a less dangerous adversary than the unpredictable Norman. Like the Green Goblin, the comics turned the Hobgoblin’s true identity into an ongoing mystery, with various red herrings and false revelations, explained by Kingsley brainwashing people like Ned Leeds into becoming body doubles. The true identity of the Hobgoblin was definitely revealed in 1997. Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives.

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Roderick’s Hobgoblin suit was a modified version of Norman’s Green Goblin suit. Kingsley changed the color palette, even gave the mask a golden hue and added an orange cape, but kept the chainmail armor and legendary aesthetic. that original Norman Osborn green goblin used first. On Spider man 3, Harry Osborn similarly creates a new outfit and uses improved technology. Calling himself the New Goblin (though the name is never said in the movie), Harry takes the Goblin formula from Norman, granting him superhuman physical abilities but damaging his psyche in the process. Early in the film, Harry’s new technology is shown, along with a distinctive mask between Norman’s Green Goblin mask and Harry’s New Goblin mask. This third mask resembles Norman’s, but is much more angular and aggressive, with noticeably sharper teeth. The mask is also a metallic gold color, indicating that it is the Hobgoblin mask from the Raimi universe.

With Norman and Harry dead at the end of Spiderman trilogy (although Norman could have easily been resurrected just as he was in the comics), a future installment in the Raimi continuity might have had a remake of Roderick Kingsley’s Hobgoblin. As a business mogul, Kingsley could have acquired Norman Osborn’s assets or simply bought his penthouse in Tudor City and discovered Goblin’s lair. Like his comedic counterpart, Kingsley would take over the team, somehow tweak the formula, and become New York’s latest threat, motivated by greed and a thirst for power, as opposed to the sadism and unbridled obsessions of Norman and Harry’s need for revenge.

This would not be the first time that the Raimi Spiderman series made reference to a character from the Spiderman comic books. The 2002 film subtly mentioned Eddie Brock and Curt Connors, who appeared in sequels. Marvel’s superhero and sorcerer Doctor Strange is mentioned by name in Spider man 2, an unintentionally fitting joke, considering the next MCU appearance of the Raimi universe, thanks to Strange. Spider-Man Raimi The video games, which can easily be considered canon for Raimi’s timeline, reference Latveria (Doctor Doom’s home country), Captain America, and The Punisher, and include an appearance by The Kingpin, Daredevil’s nemesis.

If Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man continuity had continued, it wouldn’t be surprising to see his version of Roderick Kingsley appear and threaten Spider-Man as the Hobgoblin. Considering Raimi’s appreciation and understanding of the comic’s source material, it would make sense for Kingsley to succeed Norman and Harry, and perhaps end up fighting the resurrected Norman like he did in the comics. Either way, Spider-man 3 The Hobgoblin Mask Easter Egg was preparing a future with at least one more Goblin-themed supervillain.

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