Steam Games with Crypto, NFTs that are removed from the platform

Steam is banning games that are based on blockchain technology or that allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFT, which sets another obstacle for the world of blockchain games. Playable NFT video games are gaining popularity and some have stood out from the crowd, garnering considerable financial and commercial support. A particular company, Mythical Games, announced a $ 75 million partnership in June, which will help him produce several NFT video games. One of his most popular titles, Blankos neighborhood party, is a free open world game that is based on blockchain technology and uses NFT of vinyl figures as playable characters. Players buy new Blankos with cryptocurrencies and can sell their collection on the market for real money.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have previously gotten negative press. Much of the criticism comes from the environmental impact that NFTs, based on their Proof of Work crypto mining, can have. What has attracted many people to NFTs despite this is the fact that there is a proof of ownership linked to NFTs. Therefore, unlike other virtual items, such as many skins or outfits in the game, NFTs have a particular value and can be collected or sold in an evolving market, just like physical collectibles such as trading cards. Despite the evidence that NFT video games are bad for the environment, many have chosen to get involved in the controversial new economy. Their efforts to do so in the video game market have now been considerably hampered by Steam.

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As revealed by the Rust age Twitter account (via NME), Steam has officially removed games from its platform that use blockchain technology or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFT. The game developer explained that despite being candid with Steam regarding the fact that Rust age is a blockchain game, the title is still being removed as the publisher has decided to remove all these games on their platform. Steam recently made changes to its Rules and Guidelines, which indicates that you will no longer sell any applications built with blockchain technology. According to the Rust age Twitter, “Steam’s point of view is that items have value and they do not allow items that may have real world value on their platform.. “

This is a considerable setback for blockchain games or any developer looking to create titles that incorporate NFT or cryptocurrencies. Rust ageThe developer is looking for alternative publishing modes and will continue to search for a place in the market. However, it is unclear what effect Steam’s decision will have on other blockchain games that were on its platform.

It is certainly possible that these games go the way of the greats NFT games like Axie Infinity, which is distributed to players directly through its website. Steam It offers many tools to help cultivate developers and market products, so without that level of support, many blockchain games or games that use NFT and crypto are likely to have a difficult time finding a balance in the market.

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Source: Age of Rust / Twitter, NME

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