Young Sheldon Shows Trouble With Penny & Leonard’s TBBT Ending

The last episode of Young sheldon Season 5 shows the trouble with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) ending in Big Bang Theory. After their inappropriate flirting, George Cooper (Lance Barber) and Brenda Sparks (Melissa Peterman) continue to try to keep the details of their night a secret. But after Meemaw (Annie Potts) sensed something strange was happening between the couple, she started sniffing around, which, unfortunately, brings her son-in-law and neighbor closer together.

At Young sheldon In the season 5 episode titled “Snoopin ‘Around and the Wonderful Twins of Atheism”, Meemaw happened to run into Brenda at the grocery store. He started asking what really happened the night George had a mini heart attack. But instead of answering his questions, Brenda panicked and bolted out of the conversation. This alarmed Meemaw, who then subtly asked his son-in-law about the same thing. Suspiciously, George was equally evasive, which made matters worse. This resulted in an emergency meeting involving George and Brenda in the latter’s henhouse. What was supposed to be a short and low-key conversation, however, turned into a long talk.

Among the few other things the couple discussed was the issue of Patriarch Cooper’s co-worker choosing his wife as his best friend. Both George and Brenda were perplexed about the idea, but in the end, they concluded that the reason George’s co-worker has such a relaxed and consistently happy marriage is because there are no children. This indirectly highlights the potential problems in Leonard and Penny Big Bang Theory ending: As moving as it was to see the couple happy with the news that they are expecting their first child, Penny had been adamant in her desire not to have children. In fact, this was their central conflict in the show’s final season, as Leonard wanted children. Despite several comings and goings on the matter, they never found a solution. Instead, it was revealed that she was pregnant in the finale.

Although it is possible TBBT Lead just changed her stance on the off-screen issue as Penny looked happy about it, nothing in the series proved that Penny was ready to become a mother. As Brenda and George recently hinted in Young sheldonHaving children significantly changes the dynamics of couples for the worse. This issue could be much more detrimental to the future of the Hofstadters, as they originally had conflicting thoughts about it. Instead of Big Bang Theory By properly developing this arc, the ending offered an easy (and frankly lazy) solution to the problem.

Once the excitement of knowing she’s pregnant wears off, Penny might realize that she doesn’t want children yet or isn’t ready to settle down and become a mother, but since it’s too late for that, she would be stuck in her situation while Leonard you get what you always wanted. This could result in her resenting her husband. If the series had shown more conversations between Penny and Leonard sorting out their differences, perhaps, it wouldn’t be so worrisome. Usually, The Big Bang TheoryThe ending was nostalgic and moving. However, the focus on Sheldon and his bid for the Nobel Prize in Physics was too much. Basically, he relegated the rest of the main cast as minor characters. That includes Penny and Leonard, who were given a less than satisfactory and questionable send-off.

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