Far Cry 6 ending fixes Far Cry 3’s biggest bug

[Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Far Cry 6.]

Weather Far Cry 6 has its own problems, a narrative choice made for its ending might fix Far cry 3 the biggest mistake. Far cry 3 The campaign follows the protagonist Jason Brody who tries to save his friends in the Rook Islands. Players soon meet a twisted and charismatic villain named Vaas Montenegro, whose “definition of insanity“The monologue has appeared continuously throughout the franchise. However, Vaas apparently dies about mid-game and is replaced by a much less convincing antagonist.

Far Cry 6’s continuity has been a matter of some conjecture. Before the game’s release, some players speculated that Diego Castillo, son of the evil dictator Anton Castillo, was a young version of Vaas. This theory turned out to be false, as Diego meets a tragic fate during the game’s final confrontation. Fortunately, it seems that Vaas is returning: although players never see his face, his voice is unmistakably that of “Smuggler” on Far Cry 6’s ending.

Far Cry 6 nor is it a prequel to Far cry 3 Either way, as current events and newspapers place the game in 2020. Similarly, Far cry 3 He features newspapers and radio shows locating him during 2012. Vaas’s apparent survival suggests several things about the continuity of the franchise; as long as possible Far Cry 6 it could be an alternate or retcon universe, it’s also possible that Vaas never died. Vaas’s death occurs while Jason is under the influence of Far cry 3 Hallucinogenic drugs and weird magic that are never fully explained, which means the character could have been alive all this time.

Although Vaas is ultimately Far cry 3 secondary antagonist, his actions are a direct catalyst for the story. What starts out as a tropical getaway for several California partygoers turns into a nightmare as they are kidnapped and held for ransom by local pirates from the Rook Islands. The first pirate to interact directly with Jason, Vaas’s state of mind is revealed through quick and irrational dialogue. His unpredictability and frequent confrontations between him and Jason create an exciting rivalry, but he has come to a somewhat disappointing conclusion. After being stabbed by Vaas, players explore a strange hallucination through a drug-filled haze, battling multiple copies of Vaas before finally stabbing what appears to be the real version of him in the chest. When Jason loses consciousness, Vaas’s eyes look directly into the camera one last time.

After his supposed death, Vaas never reappears in Far cry 3 campaign, despite her connections to Cintra (another antagonist and Vaas’s sister) and Jason. Instead, Hoyt Volker replaces Vaas. Also known as The Tyrant, Hoyt is a South African crime lord who oversees a human smuggling operation in the Rook Islands with a crew of privateers. However, it doesn’t live up to Vaas’s charisma, so what it was supposed to be Far cry 3 the bad becomes his biggest disappointment. Very far Fans who recently joined the franchise surely know Vaas, but Hoyt’s legacy died with him.

Although the appearance of Vaas in Far Cry 6’s The campaign was surprising, the return of the character was not entirely unexpected. Ahead of the game’s release, Ubisoft announced that players would finally have the chance to play as some of the franchise’s beloved villains in a trio of Far Cry 6 DLC episodes. The first, entitled Craziness, undoubtedly refers to Vaas’s insane monologue and is slated for a November release.

The greatest strength of Very far they have always been his villains, whose twisted philosophies and actions haunt the game’s protagonists. With the villain-oriented DLCs, Ubisoft is finally using its strongest element to give players a side of the series they haven’t seen before, while also diversifying the game. Adventures centered on depraved individuals previously praised for their intrigue provide a unique storytelling opportunity, while complaints from many players about Far Cry 6 They say it has an outdated history with predictable dialogue and results. Perhaps the return of ‘Vaas’ in the main ending of the game could indicate a search for this angle in content beyond the DLC.

Ubisoft has given players many options over the course of Far cry’s endings of the past, which often decide the fate of the villain and the central conflict of the game. Far cry 3 let Jason save his friends or kill them, fully embracing the chaos of his actions in the jungle. Nevertheless, Far Cry 6 it lacked this choice and cemented a traditional and indisputable ending. Yes Far Cry 6 It’s the beginning of a new continuity for the series, this is the chance for true canon to be determined, and the return of Vaas is evidently a part of that. Further away Far Cry 6 Development is planned for 2022, so the future DLC could see Vaas get a bigger role. That, or Ubisoft could offer a playable Vaas in a full new Very far play.


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