Why season 3 needed to kill [SPOILER]

Warning: this post contains major You Season 3 spoilers.

The explosive ending of you Season 3 sees Penn Badgley’s Joe once again free from his crimes, despite an increasingly heinous background sheet, but with his soulmate Love (Victoria Pedretti) murdered after turning on him. It’s a shocking turn of events that divides the couple after some of the season’s best dramas saw them negotiate the “safety” of married and suburban life, as well as their dark impulses. But eliminating Joe’s wife (and son) in one fell swoop serves a purpose for the future of the show.

you season 3 is only partly based on the books by Caroline Kepnes, after the first two seasons were based on her first two titles, you and Hidden bodies. As such, while there are story elements adapted from Joe Goldberg’s third book Do you love me, most of the plot was made up for the Netflix show. The librarian’s story comes from the book, but Love’s fate changes significantly: In the third book, Vitoria Pedretti’s murderous wife is initially not involved because the Quinn family has paid Joe $ 4 million to stay away from them. , but seems to try. and get revenge on him. Here, of course, Love and Joe are somewhat “happily” married, and it’s not until the very end when Joe’s new stalking victim is revealed that Love turns on him and is murdered.

In both cases, Love ends up dying, but in the book it’s by his own hand (after he shoots Joe in the head), so why did he do it? you Does the season 3 finale change the details of Love’s death? And why was she murdered in the first place? It all comes down to the opportunity to continue Joe’s story in the just announced you season 4, which couldn’t happen with Joe still tied to the suburbs, and it also fits with Joe’s darkness on the inside and the curse that he will never be happy. As revealed in you Season 3, Joe’s evil manifests itself due to his “mommy issues” (or so he claims) and his innate need to be the savior after he was forced to kill his father to protect his mother. After she rejected him for what he did, Joe was forever condemned to pursue the perfect opportunity to save his victims, such as a power trip and a fulfillment of the fantasy his mother stole from him, and a stable and happy ending. with Love he just didn’t. fits into that. For Joe’s story to continue, in other words, Love had to die in you end of season 3.

you Season 3 explores Joe’s origin story in a new way, giving him insight into why he craves the power over his victims that drives him, but falls short of offering him the realization that he will never be happy with any of his “conquests.” . As soon as the chase is over, Joe will always get bored and search for his next possible victim, who could still feed his savior complex from afar, without the stability and worldliness of familiarity. Joe isn’t just stalking women, he’s stalking the happy ending and his mother’s validation that he feels his due, and settling down destroys his chance to do that, reducing his advantage.

On top of that, Love’s reality is nothing like the fantasy he had created in his own head and which had been fueled by his need to save her. As soon as she revealed that she could be like him, he felt revulsion, almost killing her, but choosing not to due to the revelation of her pregnancy. From there, Joe was just playing a role, acting to fit in and be what he thought he had to be to prevent his son from becoming like him. But his quick infatuations with Natalie and then Marienne proved without a doubt that it was all a lie that concealed his true impulses. Now that Love has been removed from the scene, Joe can continue to pursue what he will never achieve: satisfaction in his “hunt.” Also, Love’s death at the end of you Season 3 potentially gives season 4 its antagonist, as the Quinn family is unlikely to allow their death to be fully investigated, which may put them on a collision course in France when Joe Goldberg returns.


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