Best Pikachu Build (Tips, Items, and Moves)

Using a combination of moves and items, players can maximize Pikachu’s build in Pokémon Unite. Players must fight both wild and opposing Pokémon to score points and win. As an Attacking Pokémon, a well-built Pikachu can work very well for a ranged offensive strategy.

With 5v5 matches between Trainers and Wild Pokémon at each stage, a well-rounded and carefully constructed team will be vital to success. The players have just started Pokémon Unite You may need to try different skills to find the best build. Having a strong offensive Pokémon will help players knock out their opponents and collect their Aeos energy to score points. As Pikachu gains experience, more moves will be available and he can become a powerful fighter.

Each Pokémon in the game, such as Pikachu or Gengar, has an ideal build. Pikachu is a ranged attacker class in Pokémon Unite, so it can cause great damage but has little resistance. Focusing on moves and items that maximize damage and utilize Pikachu’s stun abilities will create the best build for this character. Players can also equip items that complement or increase Pikachu’s strength and damage.

There are two ways that players can obtain Pikachu in Pokémon Unite– You can choose it as your first Pokémon by completing the tutorial or purchase it from the Unite Battle Committee. Pikachu costs 6000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems. Once obtained and leveled up, players can focus on using the correct moves and items to capitalize on Pikachu’s offensive potential. Pokémon can have two active moves and three items equipped at the same time. The best options for Pikachu appear below.

Pikachu’s best moveset

  • Lightning: Charge and fire a beam that stuns and damages opponents in the area. Upgrade Thunderbolt to increase damage dealt.
  • Electric ball: Launches an electric orb that damages and stuns enemies in the area of ​​effect. Lack of HP will increase damage to opponents. Electro Ball can be upgraded to increase damage.

Best kept items for Pikachu

  • Wise glasses: Increase special attack
  • Choice Specifications: Increases damage from moves
  • Friend barrier: Using the Unite move, Pikachu and the nearby ally with the lowest HP will gain a shield
  • AlternativeFloating stone: Increases movement speed when Pikachu is not in combat.

Best battle items for Pikachu

  • Attack X: Increases the damage of attacks and special attacks.
  • AlternativePotion: Restores the health of a Pokémon.

Using a solid combination of moves and elements will help players build up Aeos energy and score points. When using Pikachu, players must focus on dealing as much damage as possible while being mindful of its loss of health. Since Pikachu is also a ranged Pokémon, it is recommended that players keep their distance when possible to avoid getting knocked out. Pikachu can stay close to a Defending Pokémon for additional protection and stunning enemies within range.

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