Best Video Doorbells of 2021: Reviews and Buying Tips

The front door is the front door to your home, so it should be well protected. Whether you’re keeping an eye out for troublemakers, monitoring package deliveries, waiting for friends to visit, or hiding from that strange neighbor who keeps borrowing your lawn mower, these dual-purpose video surveillance systems will help you keep an eye out.

If your home has existing low voltage doorbell wiring, take advantage of it for uninterrupted service. If not, we can recommend a battery-powered solution that is more flexible when it comes to location. And if you’re renting and can’t mount anything to the wall, or just prefer not to, we can recommend a couple of alternatives.

Most video doorbells come with motion detection, night vision, and smartphone alert features, so be sure to read our full reviews for details on their performance. Many also require a monthly subscription to store video in the cloud, so factor in a few years of service in the price before making your decision.

And if you’re also considering adding outdoor security cameras to your arsenal, or integrating a video doorbell into a complete smart home system, explore your compatibility options so you don’t have to deal with two or three different applications.

Updated October 19, 2021 with a link to our news story on the upcoming Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. Following in the footsteps of your original Video Doorbell, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro will arrive with wider viewing angles, dual-band Wi-Fi support, and the ability to run on both cable and battery.

Best Wired Video Doorbell

This isn’t the least expensive video doorbell on the market, but it’s the best, offering unique features that you won’t find in competitive products. It offers a very high resolution (1664 x 1664 pixels), has a 180 x 180 degree field of view that shows visitors from head to toe, emits a light and sounds a tone when visitors approach, helping them locate the bell button while alerting would-be pirates on the porch that they are being monitored. You’ll want to sign up for the seemingly optional cloud storage plan ($ 4.99 per month) for maximum benefit (you’ll get just a live feed of the camera without it), but its asking price includes professional installation, even if your home it does not have the low voltage wiring it requires for power.

The best battery video doorbell

Google leads the way in the video doorbell market with its powerful and versatile Nest Doorbell (battery). Despite its name, this video doorbell can run on battery power or your home’s existing low-voltage wiring that powers your current doorbell. This smart home device was extremely easy to install and configure, delivered crisp and clear video recordings, and was consistently accurate with its alerts and notifications. However, if you’re firmly in the Alexa field of smart speakers and displays, you’ll want to stick with Ring or another competitor, as this one works much better with Google Home products.

The best video doorbell at an affordable price

Ring wins this category by building an inexpensive yet strong video doorbell that can be integrated with the company’s increasingly diverse smart home ecosystem. Yes, it is a single band Wi-Fi device; and yes, you cannot ring your existing doorbell despite being connected to it. But it offers pretty good 1080p video in daylight and very good black-and-white night vision when it’s dark. And it does it for just $ 60.

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