Jotform rebrands to focus on the power of its forms

When companies rebrand, they often do so with a renewed or revised approach. Sometimes the company completely turns around and heads in a new direction to keep up with changing trends and the demands of its audience.

In the case of Jotform, the company recently changed its name to better focus on what it has done so well for 15 years: providing its audience with versatile, easy-to-create and powerful forms.

Since its launch, Jotform has seen tremendous growth. More than 10 million users have shaped the form builder and its complementary services. The platform has grown to include payment processor integrations, state-of-the-art security measures, conditional logic, and more. It supports small businesses, large corporations, non profitAnd everything else.

And now, Jotform is focusing on further enhancing its powerful forms to continue supporting its wide audience of users.

Here’s what you can expect from the newly renamed Jotform.

A new logo and slogan

Jotform features a streamlined, streamlined logo that lives up to the original. The “f” in “Jotform” is now lowercase for readability, and the logo features a refreshing new color scheme.

The logo pen has been updated with multiple colors to represent the many products and features that the company has created. Colors represent form fields, table cells, chart bars, and even lines in a document.

Likewise, Jotform’s new tagline honors the company’s vision: “Powerful Shapes Do It.” This motto shows that even as the company has grown and evolved, it has always remained true to the powerful forms at the core of its business.

A revised website

The Jotform website has some cosmetic updates, but it is still easy to use and navigate. The homepage reflects the new tagline, color scheme, and logo, and the My Forms dashboard has been rebranded with a cleaner, clearer look.

The form builder navigation has also undergone a color change. The revised colors are high contrast and the page was designed to keep your focus on what really matters: the shape.

The same price

Jotform may have changed its name, but its pricing plans remain the same. Jotform offers five tiers of plans, and those tiers make it a suitable choice for nonprofits and larger corporations.

The Starter tier is available for free and includes many essential features. Supports up to five forms and 100 monthly submissions. This plan also generously includes 100MB of space and 1,000 form views.

The Bronze plan costs just $ 24 per month when billed annually, while the Silver plan costs $ 29 per month and includes up to 100 forms. For $ 79 per month, the Gold plan includes unlimited forms to support operations with significant form creation and management demands.

The Enterprise plan is for larger organizations and supports multiple users, SSO login integrations, and more.

Jotform may be changing, but its price hasn’t budged.

Easy online form builder

Jotform’s form builder is clean, concise, and easy to use. It’s easy to create a form from scratch with the drag and drop interface or edit an existing form template. The builder features a wide variety of form field types, including signature, date picker, address, and fill-in-blank fields. Also, you can customize any form.

Jotform also offers more than 10,000 professionals form templates to help you get started and save time. Choose from registration, feedback, application, membership, application, event registration forms, and more. These forms cover a wide variety of industries and needs.

By using the online form builder, you can create a form in just a few minutes. You can then share a link to that form, embed it on your website, include it in an email, and more.

Essential integrations

As Jotform has evolved, the company has continued to add form integrations to improve performance and convenience. Jotform has established integrations with some of the most essential and popular applications:

  • PayPal
  • Google Sheets
  • Zoom
  • Adobe Sign
  • HubSpot
  • Loose
  • Mailchimp
  • Dropbox
  • google calendar

These integrations improve the performance of your form and save time for you and your respondents.

A variety of functions for even more powerful forms

As the demand for powerful and versatile shapes has increased, Jotform has developed new features that give you more control and flexibility:

  • HIPAA compliant forms meet the healthcare industry’s need for forms that protect patient data.
  • Smart PDF Forms can convert a PDF into an online form that can be filled out.
  • Jotform protects your privacy and security with encrypted forms, 256-bit SSL, and more.
  • You can collect payments and donationsand set up recurring subscriptions with your choice of 30+ trusted payment gateway integrations.

Jotform tables

Jotform may have started out as a form builder, but the company expanded to encompass Jotform tables, which allows users to collect, organize and manage the data generated by their forms. It is also possible to import CSV or Excel files into Jotform Tables, so you can use your existing data.

These tables do not require coding and function as a centralized database. There are over 300 table templates available to help you get started. As with their other products, Jotform has kept Jotform tables accessible and affordable, making them a practical option for all Jotform users.

Jotform: powerful shapes for the future

The rebrand of Jotform reflects the evolution of the company, but also its dedication to its main cause: providing users with powerful and quality forms. Jotform may have changed its logo and branding, but this is proof of the growth and success of the company.

Instead of spinning, Jotform continues to focus on features and developments that will take its shapes to the next level. From payment processing to enhanced security, its services and features are evidence of what business owners, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, teachers, bloggers, and more need as technology evolves and those users find new ways. and unique to use forms.

In 15 years of growth, Jotform has stayed true to its roots, but continues to make its forms even more powerful. Whatever your form and data needs, powerful forms do it.

Image Credit: Photo by Mikhail Nilov; Pexels; Thanks!

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