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Price match is a great tool to save more money. Ever since modern retail began to grow, consumers have always had a hard time searching for the lowest priced product. After the advent of online retailers, the challenge has become even more enormous. With so many retailers, consumers are always concerned about whether they are buying a product at the correct price.

Price Match: What is it?

Savings-minded shoppers are always on the lookout for the latest deals, checking print ads and testing coupon codes for the lowest prices.

Creditcardsdot com quote-Here’s one more strategy to add to your savings toolkit: Price Match, an underutilized customer service benefit that could lead to deep discounts at your favorite store. What is price match? However, in general, the following requirements are valid in all stores

  • The item must be identical, often down to the model number.

  • The product must be sold by a direct competitor, as defined by the store.

  • The item must be in stock at the time of the price match request.

  • The product cannot be part of a special authorization or promotion.

  • Low prices based on typographical errors are excluded.

Why Price Matching Is Underused

The main reason the price match guarantee program is underused is that there are no sites available for price match programs, but we do have some shopping price comparison sites. But these price comparison sites have several drawbacks.

  • We cannot search based on the model. The search is based on generic product names.
  • End users cannot search based on different options for a product. For example, Apple Air pods have multiple models, but users cannot search for a particular model, but rather a very generic name.
  • Search results come up with various unknown retailers and users don’t know if the website exists or not.
  • Nothing is mentioned about the model number, which is key to price match.
  • Search results sometimes overlook major retailers even though they are selling the product. Inconsistent search results confused end users when deciding which one to buy.
  • Clearly, they are not price match websites.
  • There are security and privacy issues in today’s price comparison tools. Even Amazon strongly warns users about these tools.

Due to these problems, the price match program is used by only 5% of users. For a long time, as a user of these sites, I have been fed up with the current sites and they are not really a price adjustment tool. I am not alone. Almost 43% of the population (survey conducted in Google Survey) they think there is no tool available to match prices.

To provide a solution, I launched a platform called Best Price Matcher, which uses unique algorithms to help consumers find the lowest priced product at select retailers. The list of retailers includes websites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Staples, and many others.

A Readwrite article inspired me to design and develop this website as well.

Advantages of

The advantages of compared to traditional shopping comparison websites are

  • The best price comparer uses a unique way to display product information with model number with price and retailer information.
  • The best price comparison is looking against major retailers that participate in price match guarantee programs.
  • Less confusion and all the time it shows the price of all the retailers that sell the product with the same model.
  • Don’t use the traditional way of displaying details, the modern way of displaying search results pages.
  • Schedule Search, which enables users to schedule the search they just performed and the delivery of alerts seamlessly using advanced push notifications from Google Firebase and also supports email.
  • The best price comparer shows the top 10 Amazon deals.
  • The best price comparator uses special search algorithms to make the search faster and in a few milliseconds.
  • The application available in the iOS and Android markets.
  • Safety is paramount for users and so is the best price comparison. The best price comparer will not use cookies or track user behavior, so it is very safe to use. No privacy concerns.

How to use

Best Price Matcher is the first price mining app to match direct competitors’ prices for identical products. Let’s take an example to illustrate the point. Suppose you want to buy a ‘Roborock S6 MaxV: all you have to do is go to their website – bestpricematcherdotcom – enter the product – and the site will show you various options with details like model number, retailer, price and description.

The fact that you provide a model number ensures that consumers have no doubts about exactly which product they are buying.

For example, Dell Vostro series laptops have different model numbers depending on their configuration and features. If a consumer does not know which model they want to buy, it will always be difficult for them to match prices between retailers. The growth of the online market, fostering competition, and stiff competition drive prices down for sure, so users need sophisticated tools to better assist them in decision-making.

In the future, we will see that various sites like bestpricematcher will thrive. AI-powered price prediction and fully automated retail stores are the future of shopping as better advance knowledge is important to users.

With the Best Price Matcher platform, these problems will never arise because you narrow down your search to a specific model number.

Additionally, users have flexibility; they can search before buying a product or after buying a product. It also offers a “scheduled search” feature whereby it alerts users by email or sends notifications when it finds a lower price. It is a unique product that saves customers valuable time and money. We make sure you don’t pay more than your peers pay for a product.

My experience

A few months ago when I went to buy an iMac, I realized that no tool could tell me the price of the same product at various retailers. That’s when I decided to create a solution and Best Price Matcher was born. It works like a website and also has apps for iOS and Android platforms. On their website, there is also a tab for some of the best Amazon deals.

Best Price Matcher is a great enabler for consumers because it ensures that they always get the right price. It is attracting users from various parts of the US and will soon become the must-have for anyone shopping. A recent poll proved my point that 43% of the population I think there is no tool to match prices.

The Best Price Matcher app is another example of the business ideas emerging in China During COVID 19 also here in the US, we are starting to develop various startups during the pandemic and is one of them.


Using my domain knowledge, technical skills, and a new data science degree from Northwestern University, I try to solve a problem for ordinary people.

My motto is “save some money for users, they don’t need to pay more than their peers pay.” This platform is just the beginning and I have plans to expand AI’s search capabilities and price prediction.

The future leads us to a good and responsible society, and technology would help us make better decisions in all aspects of our lives. US buyers are the main contributors to US GDP.

All buyers need assistance like platform. Like it or not, the higher prices go to the different retailers and they offer a good price match guarantee program.

I want everyone to benefit from this program, all they need is a good tool. As the survey depicted, most Americans think there is no product to match prices.

Not surprisingly, price match is underutilized because there is no site that clearly shows price matches between major retailers.

Image credit: Alex Fu; Pexels; Thanks!

Subba Muthurangan

Subba Muthurangan

Subba Muthurangan has more than twenty years of experience in software development in a wide variety of industries, from retail to banking. He has been designing and developing software solutions since 1998. He has a master’s degree in data science from Northwestern University.

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