Wyze introduces outdoor lamp holder and solar panel

Inexpensive smart home device maker Wyze has developed a clever way to make its silly outdoor lights smart: a lamp holder with a cable that connects to a Wyze Cam v3 security camera. The cable sends electrical power to the camera, and the camera’s motion sensor can activate the plug to turn on any lightbulbs that are screwed in.

Announced on the first day of the company’s Wyze Week celebration (more reveals expected in the coming days), both the Wyze lamp holder and a second new product, Wyze Solar Panel, are now available to pre-order with shipments expected in December and November respectively.

Wyze bulb socket

The Wyze socket comes in two configurations: a base package for $ 45.99 that includes a Wyze Cam v3 and an expansion kit with just the socket for $ 9.99.

Equipped with an E26 base, the socket is designed to fit a medium outdoor socket and comes with a 30-inch USB cable that connects to a nearby Wyze Cam v3. (The cable is designed for the Cam v3 only and not for other Wyze cameras, the company says.)

Once connected, the Wyze Lamp Socket can power the Cam v3, which in turn can control the socket while giving you Wi-Fi connectivity. For example, the Cam v3 could activate the socket if it detects motion, and it can also program the socket.

Up to five lamp sockets can be grouped wirelessly, with each group only needing a single Wyze Cam v3 connected to function, although you can also connect a Cam v3 to each socket in the group. The lamp sockets have a reach of 82 feet for grouping purposes.

The lamp holder comes with an IP65 rating, which means that it is completely dust-tight and resistant to low-pressure water jets from any angle. Practically speaking, the lamp holder is designed to be used in an outdoor lamp enclosure, rather than being directly exposed to the elements, Wyze says.

Wyze Solar Panel

In addition to its new lamp holder, Wyze is also tipping the $ 19.99 Wyze Solar Panel, which is designed to be used only with Wyze Cam Outdoor.


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