BuddyPhones Cosmos + ANC Headphone Review: Kids Cans

You might think pink headphones with a sparkly anime princess on the headphones would find themselves in the bargain bin and sound like garbage. That was me first thought. I was wrong on both counts. The BuddyPhones Cosmos + ANC children’s headphones reviewed here cost $ 100, but they sound just as good, or better, than some “serious” headphones that cost considerably more.

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As noted, the Cosmos + BuddyPhones submitted for this review were pink and princess. Obviously, that is not going to be enough for all children, which is why the manufacturer also offers the White / Unicorn, Blue / Kid DJ, Yellow-Orange / Lion, Gray / Mad Scientist and Dark Blue / Pirate models.

buddyphones cosmos blue BuddyPhones

BuddyPhones Cosmos + headphones for kids sound much better than you might think based on their colors and design themes.

The Cosmos + comes in a color-coordinated carrying case, which also contains a detachable boom microphone that connects to the USB-C port that is also used for charging. BuddyPhones include 3.5mm audio and USB-A to USB-C charging cables.

You can limit the volume of the Cosmos + to 75dB, 85dB or 94dB, and there is active noise cancellation facilitated by microphones in each cup. There is also a studio mode that is invoked by a switch on the left cup, directly below the power / ANC button and above the 3.5mm audio output. The attractive studio mode eliminates most of the bass and accentuates the part of the spectrum where the voices reside.

Bluetooth pairing / answering / hanging up, along with volume up / down controls are located on the right cup. Pressing both of the latter simultaneously changes the aforementioned volume levels.

Hopefully Junior won’t figure out this pretty simple trick. Prolonged exposure to noise levels of 90 dB or more is generally assumed to be harmful in the long term, although OSHA considers the long term to be eight hours. Still, I’m a bit surprised that kid’s headphone makers go above 85dB (BuddyPhones calls this an airplane travel mode, and it’s not the only company to do so).


Even with my adult melon, the Cosmos + had a lot of headband adjustments to keep the headphones comfortable. The cups are well padded and there’s even padding over the speaker grill, in case your ears bottom out. It’s a nice touch that doesn’t negatively affect the sound.

The headband is also well padded and has a white cross stitch that sets them apart from the competition in terms of style. Altogether, these headphones have a solid construction and are very comfortable to use. Even for adults adjusting the volume.


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