How Brands Can Increase Positive Feedback On Social Media

Don’t worry about the bad press your brand gets. When you accumulate genuine and positive reviews, your rating will skyrocket.

One of the largest bugaboos in Mark Managers today is the negative comment. A negative comment on social media often makes brand managers and their henchmen nervous. They spring into action like chickens on a hot iron, running to try to figure out how to put out imaginary conflagrations.

When analyzing this common scenario, it is clear to the meanest intelligence that sooner or later all brands are tainted. This is because you can’t please everyone, all of the time.

Giant brands like McDonald’s, Walmart, Amazon, which spend a fortune to secure favorable reviews in all media, continue to be criticized frequently. Do you let that bother you? In fact not.

Even Oprah Winfrey had to learn to stop reading negative comments. Someone reads her mail and Oprah’s comment sections, so if something needs to get her attention, the employee she’s taking care of draws her attention to the downside and she takes care of it.

All of these people know the great secret behind the brand on social media. And here it is:

Brands use the avalanche method

Let’s take a imaginary Mieuller’s Baked Beans company. The brand has been around for a long time. Their customer base is steady and growing slowly.

One fine day, some disgruntled trolls on Facebook decide to post an accusation that Meuller’s Baked Beans contains ground glass. Although there is absolutely no basis for this ridiculous accusation, social media, being what it is, will pick up on this.

There will be some adverse comments, and various media outlets may even take notice. Should Meuller’s Baked Beans react by hiring an expensive repair firm to quell this rumor? If they want to spend all their assets for nothing and end up bankrupt, this could be the way to go.

But the big corporations, the smart operators, know that fighting with fire only leads to more fire. So instead they use what’s known as the avalanche technique.

Simply put, the technique requires the brand’s social media managers to pull out all the previous positive comments from the past few years while aggressively soliciting new positive reviews from loyal customers.

Even if you have to bribe them with free goods, a trip to Disneyland, or turn them into honorary astronauts, Get those new positive comments on all social media right away.

Snowy underneath? Just increase your comments.

Now here’s an interesting little article on the algorithms that most social media channels use. Despite what you’ve heard, they respond to quantity even more than quality or controversy.

This means for Meuller’s Baked Beans that their social media manager simply needs to flood social media with dozens of positive comments about the brand. Ask someone to write a rhyming verse about beans. Make it a bad poem so people lose interest in frosted glass and become aware of vague poetry. Don’t stop there.

Since the company has been around for a while and made it into the dark past, find ad copy that is ridiculous by today’s standards. Organize a contest; Whoever guesses the number of beans in a marked can of Meuller Baked Beans wins a lifetime supply of Gas-X.

All this fuss will snow under those lying negative comments until they show up on page five of any Google search. And very few people will bother going that far back in a Google search.

The car effect of brands

Another benefit of the avalanche technique is the cart effect.

Sticking with Meuller’s Baked Beans as an example, once this deluge of positive and quirky reviews floods social media, viewers will start to remember other things.

Like a great piece bragging about how her mother always wore the brand, how (the brand) was necessary for every camping trip. How good a can with a little ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar tasted. In other words, nostalgia kicks in. Additionally, the vast mass of undecided consumers looking for a baked bean brand to identify with are suddenly confronted with Meuller’s Baked Beans as a trend that is threatening to go viral.

Like sheep that they are, they will gladly jump on the bandwagon and start bringing home not the bacon, but Meuller’s baked beans.

Bend it like Amazon

When you go online with Amazon, you will notice that the brands have various star ratings and reviews both positive and negative. These comments show that the brand is honest and transparent. Of course, the stars of the brand are so great that you don’t need to worry about negative comments. But Amazon is also being very smart. They have done enough research to know that customers will buy anything if they feel the opinions on the item are balanced and honest.

Meuller’s baked beans can also take advantage of this phenomenon. Of course, they should post as many positive comments as they can 24/7. Still, along with the glowing praise, they should also post some of the most humorous or shockingly negative comments (without trying to reply or defend themselves in any way).

Because it is true what the ancient Persians said: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. For social media, keeping your enemies closer simply means keeping an eye on the haters, but you don’t need to respond to them other than to love and grow your brand, whatever it is, in the most favorable and positive way. you can show.

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