Starlink nightmare: moving service location a few meters delays orders until 2023

A roof-mounted Starlink satellite dish.
Enlarge / Starlink satellite dish.


Some people who pre-ordered broadband from Starlink say they made minor changes to their service locations on the Starlink website and their delivery dates were immediately delayed by a year or more.

It is not about changing an address from one city to another; People say that using a recently prominent map tool to more accurately identify your home essentially sends a pre-order person to the end of the line. A Reddit user wrote, “I moved it from the end of my driveway to my house this morning and just looked back and [the availability date] it had changed to 2022-2023. “This person made the change because” he said to verify his service address, and he didn’t tell me it would affect my pre-order! My driveway is about 1/4 + mile long, so it made sense to hover over my house. “

“I was a victim of the shiny new map on the Starlink website,” wrote one person whose delivery date changed from late 2021 to late 2022 or early 2023. Another person wrote that moving the map marker “a few feet” made the delivery date from mid to late 2021 to late 2022:

I am broken. I emailed SpaceX and my fingers are crossed that they can revert the original data or something. It’s insane that a trivial adjustment can have enough of an impact to make people jump out of line. That’s not the way to treat your most enthusiastic customers. Hopefully they tell me it’s some kind of website glitch.

Another person wrote: “I corrected the 20 foot point so it was in the house”, and the delivery date went from mid to late 2021 to early to mid 2022.

“DO NOT update your service address”

You can find more of these specific complaints and warnings at this Reddit thread that started three days ago. A Starlink beta tester who started the thread wrote:

If you have already pre-ordered, DO NOT update your service address. Don’t move the little map marker, don’t change its location in any way! Doing so will move you to the end of the row!

Obviously, if you have moved, you must update your address. Other than that, don’t touch it!

If Google Maps is wrong, leave it alone. Starlink will continue to work. I’m a mile away from where Google Maps has me and I still have excellent service. Too many threads here with people lamenting that they changed their service location and are now at the end of the line.

People who pre-ordered may need to update their shipping address to receive Starlink equipment, but that’s not the same as updating the location of the service, according to other posts in the thread.

The website is urged to verify the “accuracy” of the address

SpaceX updated the Starlink website last week to reflect the departure of the beta version of the service, which may be the reason why several people who had pre-ordered visited the website. Based on Reddit posts, it appears that the mapping tool already existed, but was previously unknown to many people. SpaceX apparently began featuring the tool more prominently on the website a few days ago.

We first heard about this issue Tuesday in an email from a Washington state resident named Brad, who said he ordered in February just after pre-orders opened. “My account has always said service in late 2021 until I updated my position on the map maybe two hundred feet because Google Maps had my street address for some reason, and then it instantly changed in mid-2023,” Brad said. us.

Brad lives in a rural area and said that his current internet service provides only 0.5 Mbps “on a good day.” Brad noted that the people who pre-ordered from Starlink have been “constantly checking our accounts because we can’t wait, and I decided to check it a couple days ago and they added a map with an annotation on top that says’ check your address, name and location of the service for precision. ‘It was not exact, so I corrected it and paid the price. “

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