Amazon’s New Affordable Air Quality Monitor Works With Alexa

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to monitor the air quality in your home, Amazon might have the ticket: a compact air quality monitor that works well with Alexa.

Scheduled to ship on December 8, the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor It costs just $ 70 and can monitor indoor air quality, as well as alert you to unsafe indoor pollutant levels via the Alexa app or voice warnings from Alexa itself.

Powered by a micro-USB cable and measuring 1.77 inches tall and 2.56 inches wide, the cylindrical Smart Air Quality tracks five air quality factors: humidity, temperature, particulate matter (small particles and droplets that can be harmful when inhaled), volatile organic compounds (gases emitted from hairspray, cleaning fluids, and other common household products), and carbon monoxide.

The Smart Air Quality Monitor can stream its findings to the Alexa app, where you can track a history of indoor air quality or get a real-time snapshot.

If the device detects poor air quality nearby, its built-in LED will glow red and you can trigger a notification via the Alexa app. You can also set Alexa to warn you of unsafe air quality through your Echo smart speakers, while the Echo Show displays can visually represent air quality.

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When paired with an Echo Show, Amazon Air Quality Monitor can display nearby air quality on your screen.

While Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor is much more affordable than our favorite indoor air quality monitors, it also lacks some of its features. For example, the best air quality monitors can detect radon (the leading cause of lung cancer in the US) and carbon dioxide, as well as particles as small as 1 micon (PM1) in diameter. The smart air quality monitor may check for VOCs, carbon monoxide, and PM2.5 (particulate matter as small as 2.5 microns), but it won’t detect particles smaller than that.

Still, for those who aren’t willing to spend $ 200 or more on an air quality monitor, Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor is certainly better than nothing, and because the monitors are so affordable, you could implement multiple units throughout your home without breaking. the bank.

Even better, Amazon is bundling the $ 70 Smart Air Quality Monitor with a fourth-gen Echo Dot (which normally costs $ 50 on its own) for just $ 80, while a package containing the monitor plus a second-generation Echo Show 5 (which has a list price of $ 85) will sell for just $ 90.

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