3 Most Inspiring Educational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

Entrepreneurship is a popular topic. And yet, traditional education is not empowering future generations when it comes to owning their own businesses.

Failure to train future generations has led to the emergence of a group of entrepreneurs focused on educating the next generation. Entrepreneurial women and men from different backgrounds are emerging to demonstrate what it takes to own and operate a business successfully.

What are entrepreneurs in education?

The term educational entrepreneurs refers to men and women who are willing to share their accumulated experiences with future generations of business leaders. This is not just a nice piece of philanthropy in action. It is an educational activity that is desperately needed.

Everyone is aware of the way the world is changing. Technology is rewriting the way businesses operate. Covid-19 forced countless companies to ditch the playbook and dig deep for creative solutions.

However, throughout this process, the educational system has remained obsessed with outdated messages and methods. If the children of the present are to have the opportunity to build the businesses of the future, they must be influenced by the entrepreneurs who are doing it here and now.

Top 3 Education Entrepreneurs to Consider in 2022

Entrepreneurship is one of the most popular career choices in human history. This creates an endless stream of potential influencers and mentors who can help educate younger generations.

Here are three growing education entrepreneurs worth watching as we move into 2022.

Tracey grace

The first candidate on the list is Tracey grace. This intrepid entrepreneur has 20 years of experience in the training and information technology industries. In addition, he has extensive leadership and management experience thanks to his experience in companies such as Learning Tree International and FedEx.

Grace is also a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of IBEX (IT Business Experts), an award-winning IT consulting and training company. It also launched Certifiably Diverse, a supplier management platform that specializes in diverse supply chain management.

The creation of IBEX and Certificably Diverse has given Grace the opportunity to express her entrepreneurial acumen and business opinions from her own perspective. It has also given him a greater podium from which to speak, as he influences future entrepreneurs from his own heights of success.

Grace, an African American woman, is a frank proponent of diversity both inside and outside the workplace. When you talk about your business endeavors, you address the constant need to improve the state of affairs. However, maintaining the status quo is not an option.

There are many entrepreneurs who care about diversity at one level or another. However, Grace is on the list due to her ability to be successful and to care at the same time. Their businesses are well run and prosper because of it.

However, Grace doesn’t let her achievements cloud her vision. On the contrary, it stands out for embedding its convictions in the very essence of its businesses.

Grace’s contagious energy and positive drive are refreshing for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. His training experience also makes his messages accessible and digestible. Both seasoned business owners and those aspiring to own businesses can learn from this forward-thinking pioneer.

Matt candler

Some entrepreneurs educate those who want to own their own businesses in the future. Others marry their educational and business passions. This is Matt Candler.

Candler is a man who is sick and tired of seeing an outdated school system. From stagnant approaches to boring subjects, Candler has given up hope in the modern approach to education as it stands now.

However, instead of launching attacks from the bench, the entrepreneur has thrown his hat into the ring as a bona fide educational entrepreneur. The innovator has created a business “incubator” that has already launched more than 40 different startups that revolve around education.

This network is compiled under the parent organization 4.0 Schools. It consists of companies that welcome anyone with a spark or idea that can improve the future of education.

Candler explains that his growing movement responds to a need that previously lacked innovate schools and education in the US The company’s goal is to change the status quo and challenge the future of education in the US, and that is precisely what it is doing.

While 4.0 Schools is worthy of attention on its own, its founder is also worth seeing. The mentor is focused on electrifying the lives of those around him. The attitude is contagious and highly applicable to the modern and evolving lifestyle of the 21st century.

Kawthar Bin Sulayem

The last person to make the list is an international entrepreneur and businesswoman, Kawthar Bin Sulayem. Sulayem is an expert strategic advisor with 15 years of experience in the public relations and media industry.

With operations outside the UAE, Sulayem specializes in strategic communication and public policy advice. His clients range from private organizations to government entities and even high profile individuals.

Sulayem is also a highly respected serial entrepreneur and founder or co-founder of KBS Strategies, Mestaria, Nine17 Sport, and Fashion Fever UAE.

Sulayem has spent most of his professional life in the business world. However, she is also painfully aware of the shortcomings of the modern educational system.

Sulayem’s direct criticism of the academy is damning, to say the least. She points out how little of her own education translated into her professional success. However, he is also aware of how linear and flat current educational models are. Even when they have adapted to remote learning, the academic focus has hardly changed to fit the modern learning landscape.

Sulayem sees the need to allow entrepreneurship to receive the same attention as an educational subject. Children should be able to start their business training at an early age to avoid catching up in the future.

With a strong track record and an anti-traditional mindset towards education, Sulayem is worth watching heading into 2022.

These three professionals are loaded with wise wisdom. Your past experiences, your current mindset, and your future-focused vision can excite and doom anyone with a business bent.

So pick who you want to follow (all three included) and consider tracking down a few more people to keep an eye on for the next year. The constant stream of advice and encouragement can do wonders in shaping how your future unfolds.

Deanna ritchie

Deanna ritchie

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