Comcast Admits “Widespread” Disruption, with Tens of Thousands of Users Reporting Problems

A Comcast Xfinity service van driving down a street.
Enlarge / A Comcast Xfinity service van in Sunnyvale, California, in November 2018.

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There appears to be a widespread Comcast outage affecting customers in various parts of the country this morning. News reports have described major outages In Chicago, Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. “Xfinity’s outage tracker is currently down and displays the error message: ‘We are experiencing abnormal traffic on our network or … the service or servers are currently unavailable'”, The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote.

There were also reports of a major Comcast outage in the san francisco bay area last night, driving to a message from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office that said, “Do not call 911 to ask why you don’t have Internet. Call your Internet service provider.” That outage can be resolved, as “Comcast told NBC Bay Area Monday night that their systems show Xfinity services are starting to come back online after widespread internet outages across the Bay Area. “, the news site. reported. Comcast outages continue in other regions.

“Some customers are experiencing intermittent service interruptions as a result of a network problem. Our teams are actively working to bring affected customers back online as we continue to investigate. We apologize to those who have been affected,” the account wrote Xfinity Support from Comcast in a cheep just after 11 am ET. On another tweet In response to a customer who complained of an outage, Xfinity Support wrote: “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are experiencing widespread outages in Xfinity services.”

54,000 reports on Downdetector

Downdetector, which allows users of many types of services to report outages, showed 54,000 reports for Comcast Xfinity around 9 am ET this morning. Downdetector also showed around 25,000 reports eight hours earlier, at the time of the Bay Area outage.

There are always some Downdetector reports on Comcast due to its sheer size as the company has more than 31.5 million residential customers in 39 states and the District of Columbia. But 25,000 and 54,000 Downdetector reports are unusually high numbers. Charter Spectrum, which has nearly as many residential customers as Comcast, had 835 reports on Downdetector approximately 9 am ET today.

Downdetector’s “heat map“for Comcast shows that in the last 24 hours, the largest number of outage reports came from the San Francisco Bay Area:

Downdetector's Comcast Heatmap shows where user-submitted problem reports are concentrated over the past 24 hours.

Downdetector’s Comcast Heatmap shows where user-submitted problem reports are concentrated over the past 24 hours.

Of course, not everyone with an out-of-order Comcast service will complain to Downdetector or Twitter, so there could be plenty of other people without internet, TV, or phone service. We asked Comcast for information on how extensive the outage is, what caused it, and when it will be resolved. We will update this article if we get new details.

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