Wyoming Blockchain City planned by crypto investors

Blockchain entrepreneurs are now poised to build a CityDAO on Wyoming lands. Where they will start looking for cryptocurrencies.

A new era for cryptocurrency mining.

To build the CityDAO, the company is applying an update Wyoming law. Recognize the group as a corporation to streamline the process. Cryptocurrency markets have proven to be pandemic-proof so far.

Companies registered in the state of Wyoming, since last July, can now include DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Members of such a group can vote on the policy by using tokens.

A DAO that has the ambition to establish a city based on blockchain has claimed to have bought the property in the state.

Today, CityDAO is officially the first DAO to own land under Wyoming DAO LLC’s new statute. It’s just an initial step, ”CityDAO tweeted. “This area is actually a prototype plot, it is not the most ideal location and it does not have abundant natural resources. It has a water well, a flat space for construction and is only 45 minutes from the airport ”.

According to the blog post, the property is located in northwestern Wyoming, near the Montana border and near Yellowstone National Park.


A CityDAO is an initiative that is marketed as “building cities on the Ethereum blockchain.” CityDAO provides a fundamental type of citizenship by purchasing 10,000 NFT at .25 Ethereum (~ $ 1000), which will grant access to a Discord server, voting rights, as well as the ability to settle land.

A person who bought only one NFT is a first citizen. Purchase price: 6.52 Ethereum, which granted the right to designate the first plot of land. It also provides an initial access right to “ground launches”. Founding citizens purchase one of the 50 NFTs at an initial rate of 10 ETH. Allow access to ground drops as First Citizen. With voting rights and access to Discord as well.

Buying a piece of land would put CityDAO far ahead of other multi-faction efforts to establish autonomous cities and zones. Many of them, like Liberland, situated on an undisputed area of ​​land that lies between Serbia and Croatia, have no residents. However, if you look closer, it is clear that there are problems with this.

As of September, DAO members were selecting the blockchain land they wanted to buy in Wyoming. It was priced at less than $ 150,000, with a range of 5 to 100 acres. There are “minimum regulations to allow maximum freedom.” They chose two plots with easy access to the road and quite large. The land includes mobile homes, as well as camping, RV parking and hunting. The plots had minimal water sources. There were also zoning restrictions.

Blockchain in the desert.

A publication reveals an annual precipitation map that reveals the fact that if there is no water at the site. Things could get tough because it rains 6 to 10 inches each year at the site.

The city has some land with available water. The city considered, voted, and purchased the land. It’s the same terrain that CityDAO’s video of the flag waving can be seen on, a 40-acre parcel located in northwestern Wyoming perched on a raised hill.

The debate over which piece of blockchain land to buy went in a variety of unexpected directions. In mid-October, when discussions about new parcels of land began to intensify, DAO members began to come up with a previously thought-out idea. Buy Kanye West’s 3,888-acre Wyoming Ranch for $ 11 million or about 3,000 FTE. “It is currently unclear what we will do with the property,” the original sign read. The posters also mentioned that it was because Kanye is unpredictable.

Civic management is key. Will all residents be citizens? And do all citizens have to be residents?

CityDAO Responsibilities.

DAOs are recognized as general associations. Therefore, each member of a DAO is potentially liable for any debt or legal proceeding through the DAO. The primary benefit Wyoming DAOs get is an insurance policy that protects members from lawsuits. And it recognizes the community as a business entity.

The law also differentiates between two types of DAO, namely those that are managed by members and those “managed” with algorithms. The first is just an LLC, where the DAO determines who is responsible for the different roles within the company. An algorithmic DAO does not have a clear legal status. However, any DAO that is already controlled by a smart contract can be registered regardless of the terms of the contract.

A Coindesk editorial offers a positive outlook regarding DAOs and their regulations. They are currently formally establishing the legally recognized DAO status.

“For example, we anticipate that Wyoming will adopt legislation in the near future that will legalize DAO structures within corporate trusts, foundations, trusts, and other corporate entities,” writes Andrew Bull. “The Wyoming DAO Law doesn’t just protect business stakeholders. But it also allows the traditional judicial system. Examine and confirm the legitimacy of blockchain-based transactions, as well as smart contracts. Valid documents that are owned or transferred ”.

The past has shown that decentralization and digitization alone do not make an instantaneous difference in the functioning and politics of the system. In fact, the digitization of public services could (and can) frequently eliminate these services. And turn them into investment vehicles looking to make money. That slowly reduces coverage, limits access, and also increases the cost of services.

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