5 signs you should start using paid SEO tools

Hope you are using free SEO tools but have some trouble ranking your website. There are chances that you can brand your business online, but these chances are pretty low with free SEO tools.

If you are having a hard time marking your presence online, you should start using paid SEO tools instead of free ones because Paid SEO tools it will give you a more detailed report of your competitor’s website.

With proper analysis, you will be able to replace your competitor on all search engines.

In this article, I’ll discuss five signs from your website that indicate that you should start using paid SEO tools now. But first, let’s optimize for SEO to get more and more interactions.

5 signs that you should use paid SEO tools

The conversion rate n. 1 is low

You get enough impressions to attract a lot of visitors / customers, but you get enough CTR, so ultimately, you don’t get enough people on your website. This is a problem because your website lacks some crucial aspects that search engines require.

Generally, free SEO tools do not have enough data to analyze the flows of a website; thoroughly analyze your website and understand what is preventing your website from converting your impressions to visits; you must use paid SEO tools.

Paid SEO tools will give you detailed and correct information about optimizing your website. Also, paid SEO tools will help you optimize your website according to search engines.

# 2 Not getting enough sales

There are situations where you get visitors, but your website cannot convert them to your customers. If you are struggling with this problem and free SEO tools are not helping you. So now is the time to switch to paid SEO tools so you can understand what is wrong with your content and your website design.

You have enough backlinks and good off-page SEO to attract visitors, but your content has some issues. Once someone lands on your website, it is your content that can turn the visitor into your customer.

Paid SEO tools like Grammatically can help improve the content of your website.

# 3 Unable to generate quality content

This is similar to the situation above, but here you have no visitors or content to update. So here you are struggling with the essential requirement of a website that is content, right? And free SEO tools are not effective in helping with content quality.

Only paid SEO tools can help you in such situations because they will make the content creation process much easier for you.

For example, Grammarly will parse every sentence you type and find errors, if any. If it finds any errors, it will highlight the particular word / phrase where the error is present.

Apart from this, Grammarly will suggest possible corrections that will certainly help you generate better content relatively quickly.

# 4 Can’t find worthy keywords

Keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO. You can’t rank in search engines without the right keywords, and without keywords, you can’t even do your SEO strategy. But on the other hand, if you choose the wrong keywords, you will waste your effort and time.

You need to be very careful when choosing the keywords to work on. However, I found that most of them are not accurate enough to trust when using free SEO tools. So for me, paid SEO tools like SEMRUSH, AHREFS work perfectly fine.

These tools are regularly maintained and updated by a group of professionals, and they are completely reliable.

# 5 Email marketing doesn’t work

If you have problems with email marketing, then you are quite settled with website optimization and content related problems; If not, then before email marketing, you need to focus on them. Then, once you are happy with your content, you can use email marketing to attract additional visitors.

If you are already generating quality content and your website is well optimized too. Still emails are not working for you then it may be due to wrong template or your emails are accumulating in recipient spam folder.

You should choose a reliable email marketing tool because most of the free email marketing tools are not very effective. So, you should keep shuffling some paid SEO or email marketing tools and analyze which one works for you.

Final verdict

By using paid SEO tools for your business, you can also generate income and increase your online presence through some free SEO tools. But again, as mentioned above, the chances are pretty low. However, many digital marketing companies such as SEO company in India, SEO company in USA, SEO services in Vietnam, etc. start to use many tools for their clients.

If you are using some paid SEO tools, there is no doubt that they will give you a good return on investment. It is mainly because most of the paid SEO tools are accurate and precise. This makes them reliable to use.

For faster results and you want to brand your website / business, I think it is worth investing in some good paid SEO tools.

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Aashirvad Kumar

Aashirvad Kumar

SEO Consultant in India

Aashirvad Kumar is a writer at Tele Trick Mania and an SEO executive at Optimize for SEO. He has been blogging since 2016 in the tech niche. He has more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing.


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