Dreamstage launches a Roku channel for live concert streaming

Dreamstage, the HD live streaming platform focused on bringing live music performances to fans around the world, today launched its own channel on the Roku streaming platform. The move gives Dreamstage access to Roku reports. 56.4 million active accounts.

The Roku channel will allow viewers to get the most out of their TV and home theater settings when they were previously limited to streaming via the web or an iOS app.

Dreamstage broadcast a Johnny Marr acting event on November 10 called “Live at the Crazy” that was filmed at their Crazy Face Factory studio. Marr and his band recorded the next album. Fever Dreams pieces. 1-4. Dreamstage scaled four broadcast start times throughout the day to allow viewers in different time zones to watch the show in one hour in the afternoon. After the fourth broadcast, the show will be available to air for three days before it disappears.

dreamsetage ui James Barber / IDG

Dreamstage’s user interface includes a real-time chat feature where viewers can join in the performance, as well as links where fans can purchase CDs, vinyl, and merchandise directly from the artist.

This limited availability preserves the “event quality” that Dreamstage is trying to bring to your music performance experience. The $ 21.75 ticket gave Johnny Marr fans the opportunity to participate in an intimate event and rewatch the show as many times as they wanted.

There is a group chat feature available through the browser stream, and fans were able to interact and discuss the performance as it happened. A Buy button allows fans to purchase an exclusive t-shirt or poster and pre-order the new album on CD or vinyl before the February 25, 2022 release date.

Dreamstage allows a ticket buyer to stream from two devices at the same time, so it was easy to enjoy the highest quality performance on my TV while participating in the conversation via a web browser on a laptop.

This follows a recent Duran Duran event in conjunction with the release of their new album, Future past. The band held a live Q&A session and released a new documentary about the making of the video for their latest single “Anniversary.”

Dreamstage is also broadcasting live club shows at the legendary Nashville venue The Basement East. The shows are available for around $ 15, and viewers tune in to watch them live as they happen. If you are a fan of indie rock or American music, the Basement East will have many interesting concerts for you. Upcoming shows include Hayes Carll, Bre Kennedy, and Ron Gallo.


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