Fire TV Recast: Is it still worth buying to cut the cable?

Amid Amazon’s vast array of Fire TV devices, the Fire TV Recast looks like the ugly duckling.

This wireless antenna DVR was released almost three years ago and has received little or no significant software enhancement since then. In interviews, Amazon has subtly indicated that Recast hasn’t been a huge hit with cable cutters, and some of its features have become more difficult to access in the most recent Fire TV interface update.

But with the Fire TV Recast selling at a deep discount on its week,BuyDig has it for $ 114, down from the original $ 230, and more discounts are likely around Black Friday, it’s worth taking one last look at the Recast to see if it’s still a worthy investment.

Fire TV Recast explained

Fire TV Recast is similar to other wireless network DVRs, such as Tablo Dual / Quad, AirTV Anywhere, and Channels DVRs. However, it does not have its own HDMI output; as such, it does not connect directly to your television.

Instead, set up the Recast in an area with strong antenna reception and use your Wi-Fi network to stream the video to other Fire TV devices, like the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max. That way, a single antenna and a DVR box can power multiple televisions throughout the house. (You need to supply your own antenna).

restructure Jared Newman / IDG

An outline of how Fire TV Recast works.

The base model for sale via BuyDig this week It has 500GB of storage, good for recording roughly 75 hours of video, and can play or record up to two live channels at once. Amazon also sells a model with 1TB of storage that can tune in to four channels at once, although that is not currently sold at a discount. Both models support external USB hard drives, so you can add more recording space over time.

Unlike Tablo, Channels DVR, and Plex DVR, Recast has no subscription fees. But it also has a major downside: it can only stream video to Fire TV devices, iOS devices, and Android mobile devices. If you prefer other TV streaming platforms, such as Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV, Recast is not to begin with.

How does Recast hold up today?

It’s been a while since I dusted off the Fire TV Recast review unit Amazon sent me in late 2018, so I was curious to see how the experience held up.

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