UltraPro 2 Outlet Smart Plug Review: An Inexpensive Smart Home Access Ramp

Let’s get straight to the point with this product. The UltraPro 2-outlet smart plug is the same product as the Enbrighten 2-outlet smart plug that I reviewed in 2020. When I say it is the same product, I mean it is exactly Same thing – Jasco makes both products and just packages them differently for different resellers. UltraPro is sold on Amazon. Enbrighten is sold at Lowe’s and on Jasco’s own e-commerce site. Even the applications they use are almost identical skins to each other, both based on a backend built by Tuya.

The only real difference, other than the packaging, is the price. At press time, the Enbrighten plug costs $ 19 at Lowe’s ($ 22 on the Enbrighten site), while the UltraPro is available in two packages for $ 22.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best smart plugs, where you will find reviews of competing offerings, as well as a buyer’s guide on the features to consider when purchasing this type of product.

As with the Enbrighten product, this is a decidedly, intentionally cheap plug that is designed to be as generic as it comes. The all-white design sticks out on either side of a wall receptacle, though it’s slim enough not to block the second outlet, as long as you’re using something with a regular-size plug in that second outlet. Unfortunately, it is a bit too thick to connect two UltraPro switches in the same duplex receptacle. The maximum supported amperage is 15 amps (approximately 1800 watts), with connectivity only via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

In the center of the device you will find a single power button that controls both outputs simultaneously. By default, the attached LED glows blue when the unit is on; This feature can be reversed or completely disabled in the app. Please note that the LED is extremely powerful. When the lights are off, the light illuminates the entire plug chassis from the inside, making for an eerie (and not entirely attractive) appearance.

ultrapro 2 smart plug led Christopher Null / IDG

Thin plastic and a powerful blue LED make the entire switch glow in the dark.

In-app setup requires registration, but when I tried to setup my account, I never received the required email confirmation code. When I tried again the next day, the registration process worked fine and I was able to connect to my Wi-Fi network without incident.

The Spartan app has the usual features, including a scheduling system and a countdown timer. There are three predesigned programs: Afternoon, Morning, and Dusk Till Dawn, available as shortcuts on the main control screen. All of these can be modified and reconfigured within the application. For more advanced control needs, connections to Alexa and the Google Assistant are supported.

And that’s really it. This is a generic product with generic features and luckily a generic price. If you want more unique features, like power monitoring or individual outlet control, you’ll need to increase your budget. But for all the $ 11 per unit, it’s hard to complain too much about the device as-is.

If you don’t need a smart plug with two outlets, you might want to take a look at the Wyze Plug, which costs $ 14.99 for a pack of two single outlet smart plugs.


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