EZVIZ C1C Indoor Security Camera Review – A Fabulous Value

Security cameras don’t need to be expensive to be perfectly capable. With its C1C indoor camera, EZVIZ is a robust, flexible and very affordable camera designed for indoor operations.

The teardrop design is familiar, with a small, rounded camera unit and a simple pedestal-style base. A bi-directional hinge allows you to point freely in any direction, although you will need to be careful of the long USB cable that provides power to the system. (Battery not included). Mounting hardware (courtesy of a magnetic base) allows for a more permanent location if desired.

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The clips are organized by thumbnails, each showing the time it was recorded.

The camera records 1080p video at 20 frames per second at the maximum resolution. A 130-degree (diagonal) lens captures a wide-angle view, and traditional infrared night vision has a significant 40-foot range. I was also impressed by the quality of the video both day and night. Two-way audio is built in too, though with an indoor-only camera that feature tends to be of limited value.

Setup is reasonably straightforward with the EZVIZ app, which allows you to scan a QR code printed on the base of the camera to begin the process of connecting the unit to your home Wi-Fi network (only 2.4GHz networks are supported). I didn’t find any configuration issues, and no major issues with operations during regular use over the course of a test week. Motion detection was accurate and fast to detect in both people and pets, both day and night.

Recorded clips, up to a minute long, are easy to flip through. These clips are presented as thumbnails, segmented by hours for each day of recording. Plus, a fast-forward feature lets you view all of the day’s clips in one super cut, played back at roughly three times the speed. I ran into some minor buffering issues with clips or live video sometimes loading slowly, but it’s a convenient, intuitive, and effective way to find video snippets.

ezviz c1c security camera profile EZVIZ

The EZVIZ C1C Indoor Security Camera can store video locally after purchasing a microSD card slot from it.

The EZVIZ C1C can record directly to a microSD card (not included) or save clips to the EZVIZ CloudPlay service. The options available for CloudPlay are extensive. With a camera, you can pay $ 4 / month or $ 40 / year for three days of backup, $ 6 / month or $ 60 / year for seven days of backup, or $ 11 / month or $ 110 / year for 30 days of back. With up to four cameras, the rates are $ 9 / month or $ 90 / year for seven days of backup, or $ 16 / month or $ 160 / year for 30 days of backup. A seven-day trial is included with purchase.

Those prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they’re not outrageous, especially if you’re running a multi-camera setup (and why wouldn’t you, considering the cost of the hardware). Alexa and Google Assistant smart displays are also supported if you want to stream live video to another device.

The C1C is a solid enough camera, though never overwhelmingly dazzling or surprising, but its biggest and best feature is its price. At just $ 25 each, the C1C is nearly competitive with the Wyze Cam v3, though it can’t be easily used outdoors and is missing a few minor features like a siren and color night vision. On the other hand, EZVIZ has stronger infrared night vision and has less time restrictions for recording if you don’t pay for the subscription. At these prices, to be honest, you can’t go wrong with either option.


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