Philips 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Review

The Philips Home Power model SPC3064WE / 37 gets top marks for packing almost all the necessary surge protection features at a very low price in a compact and highly useful package with hardly any compromises. Yes, it only has a 4-foot cable, but models with 6 and 10-foot cables are also available (for $ 19 and $ 21 respectively on Amazon).

It even offers what I think is one of the most critical features for some people of a metal oxide varistor based surge protection circuit – it no longer passes voltage when the protection function has burned out from sudden or gradual use.

Make a note of its retouched part number, SPC3064WE / 37, because Philips hasn’t even updated their own website at the time of writing this article with the full specs. List only a slightly older model with significantly inferior features.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best surge protectors, where you will find reviews of competing offerings, as well as a buyer’s guide on the features to consider when purchasing this type of product..

You shouldn’t expect much from a $ 12.50 surge protector, but that’s where this device amazes. This model cuts the fat off the features and the form factor. It can handle up to 1800 watts through its six polarized, three-prong grounded outlets. This allows you to connect a rugged desktop with multiple monitors or a home entertainment system, among other configurations. This maximum wattage is combined with 750 joules of protection, necessary to block incoming sudden jolts. That’s a bit low relative to power, but not absurdly.

Varistor surge protection, a circuit that effectively burns out over time as it absorbs excessive voltage, is limited to 500 volts on the neutral (LN) line only. That stretch is the most likely point of failure for a grounded outlet. This is a reasonable option, especially at this price. (The other two legs, line to ground and neutral to ground, are less important in a properly grounded home or business.) As soon as this protection is no longer active, the power strip will stop working.

The power strip has an on / off switch that functions as a reset button if a surge trips the protection to block damage. Just turn it back on to clear the shooting status. The four-foot braided power cord resists tangles, a great bonus for something you’ll surely have to struggle with behind a cabinet or under a desk. Its three-prong wall plug offers a 90-degree mid-profile head instead of directly sticking out, another bonus for finding the right spot for it.

Philips SPC3064WE / 37 surge protector angled plug Philips

The braided cord and angled plug of the Philips Surge Protector Model SPC3064WE / 37 are unexpected features at this price point.

What is missing at this price? LEDs. When you plug in the Philips surge protector, there is no way to know if it registers the outlet as grounded correctly. (If you have any concerns about the plugs in your home, you can purchase a standalone ground fault detector for $ 6 to $ 8.) It also doesn’t have a “protected” light indicating that it is still blocking surges, but since it shuts down permanently if protection fails, that light would be superfluous.

Philips includes a warranty that replaces up to $ 75,000 in attached equipment, but I suggest you probably don’t want to plug in more than a few thousand dollars worth of stuff. If so, consider a more robust surge protector. To qualify, you must call Philips customer service to initiate a claim within 15 days of the incident. Not only does Philips include a fold-out paper manual, but the type is large enough for most people to read.

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