Wyze Light Strip Pro review: affordable, but missing key features

An affordable and easy-to-use colored light strip, Wyze Light Strip Pro offers a host of features, but lacks some key features found on its more expensive competitors. Capable of glowing multiple colors at once, the Alexa and Google Assistant compatible Light Strip Pro supports up to 16 million colors and a wide range of color temperatures, and you can group it with other Wyze lights and use it in Wyze “Rules” and routines. smart. There is also a music mode that allows the Light Strip Pro to sync with your music, along with a vacation mode and the ability to match the color of the sun.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine multiple Light Strip Pros into one longer strip, as you can with the more expensive Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, nor can you reuse any parts that you have trimmed. And while the Animated Music mode is great, there are no other animated and / or dynamic light modes. Finally, we want Wyze rules and smart routines to be able to trigger lighting scenes instead of just basic colors and brightness settings.

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Specifications and design

The Wyze Light Strip Pro comes in two lengths: five meters (16.4 feet, $ 28) and 10 meters (32.8 feet, $ 41), and the 10-meter version consists of two five-meter strips connected by a central controller. However, according to Wyze, you cannot create a 10 meter Light Strip Pro yourself by purchasing two of the five meter strips and trying to connect them, nor can you connect additional light strips to the 10 meter model; in other words, it’s five meters or ten, and that’s it. Competitor light strips, such as Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, do allows you to add extensions to lengthen the original.

In addition to the Light Strip Pro, Wyze also sells the less expensive Light Strip ($ 20 for the five-meter model, or $ 36 for 10 meters), a similar LED colored light strip that lacks the Pro’s ability to shine on. several colors at the same time.

While you can’t combine multiple Light Strip Pros yourself, you can cut them to fit. As with the Hue Lightstrip Plus and its like, the Light Strip Pro can be cut with a normal pair of scissors, as long as you cut them at specific points about a foot apart; Cut the strip in the wrong place and you could damage your electronic components. Unlike the Lightstrip Plus, which comes with connectors that allow you to reattach the cut sections, the cuts you cut from the Light Strip Pro cannot be reused.

wyze light strip pro detail Ben Patterson / IDG

You can trim the Wyze Light Strip Pro to fit, but only if you cut precisely in the right place (the three narrow gold stripes).

The LEDs in the Light Strip Pro can glow in up to 16 million colors and offer tunable white options and, unlike the Wyze Light Strip, the Light Strip Pro comes with 16 customizable color zones that allow the ride to emit up to 16 different colors. simultaneously. As I just mentioned, Wyze Light Strip can only glow in a solid color.

When it comes to lumens, Wyze’s specs spell out in great detail how many lumens the blue, red, and green LEDs emit per meter. Rather than trying to break all of that down, I’ll just tell you that the Light Strip Pro is roughly as bright as competing light strips I’ve tested, which is to say it’s bright enough for ambient lighting but not adequate for illuminating. . a workspace or lighting a room on its own.

Like Wyze’s other smart lights, the Light Strip Pro doesn’t rely on a hub, but can only connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks.


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