Wyze Launches Web View for Live Cam Streams for Paid Subscribers

Want to take a look at the live streams from your Wyze cameras without launching the Wyze app? If so, good news: Wyze just introduced a web view for live cam broadcasts and recorded events, though you’ll need to sign up for Wyze’s paid subscription service to use it.

Still in beta Wyze web view made its debut on Tuesday and allows you to monitor live feeds from your various Wyze cameras in a web browser.

The Live Stream tab shows you simultaneous streams from your cameras in live mosaics, with audio, or you can expand an individual stream to a full screen view.

If you want, you can organize your cameras into groups and view the grouped sources in full screen mode on the web, but for now, you will need to do the actual grouping in the Wyze app.

wyze webview live stream Ben Patterson / IDG

Wyze Webview allows you to monitor live feeds from your various Wyze cameras on the web, either in a live mosaic view (in the picture) or in full screen mode.

Wyze Webview also allows you to review recorded sound or motion events. Just click on the Events tab and you will see tickets for any event on any given day.

Besides the date, you can apply a trio of other filters to the event view. For example, you can select only certain cameras or you can filter motion events by type: package, person, pet, or vehicle. Lastly, you can filter events based on whether they were triggered by motion or sound.

wyze webview events Ben Patterson / IDG

In addition to viewing your broadcasts live, Wyze Webview also allows you to review recorded motion events on the web, with filters.

I tested Wyze Webview myself on Wednesday morning, having successfully logged in using the Google Chrome browser on a Windows 10 PC with two-factor authentication enabled. I only have one Wyze camera, the Cam v2, so I couldn’t test bundling, but otherwise I was able to view the camera’s live feed in both mosaic and full-screen mode, as well as review and filter recorded events down to two weeks ago.

Overall not bad, but Wyze Webview has its limitations. For now, it is restricted to subscribers of the $ 1.99 / mo Wyze Cam Plus service, which offers cloud storage of recorded video events of any length and without a single camera cooldown period, as well as person detection, packages, vehicles and pets. .


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