5 essential books that will transform your life

For many people, the Covid-19 pandemic will not be seen simply as the driving force behind a global health crisis. Instead, they will see it as a moment of reflection, a time to rethink its purpose and meaning. In other words, a time of transformation. And few things are more useful during times of crisis than searching through a pile of must-read books.

Millions are already embarking on what is called The great resignation. As the economy reopens, workers are waking up to the realization that they are not where they want to be. As such, they are abandoning careers in hopes of reinventing themselves. Many are taking time to figure out what they want. Others already know and are launch business in record numbers.

You may find yourself somewhere on the spectrum between recuperative and entrepreneurial burnout for the first time. Regardless of where you fall, you will need guidance.

And what better place to seek support, mentoring, and inspiration than in books? Whether you explore them while curled up on your couch or listen to them during walks through the woods, you can always get a boost from a must-read book.

If you are suffering from a soul disturbance, take heart. The authors have set out on this journey before you and are ready to share their experiences. Below are several new and slightly older books to help you better understand who you are, where you are going, and how to get there.

Imagine practically losing everything. Your money, your mental well-being, and your reputation for success. Mark Lachance has walked that road once and lived to tell the tale.

After nearly going bankrupt after a real estate company broke his savings and brought him to the brink of bankruptcy, he decided to take matters into his own hands. In other words, he was going to make his own luck. In six months, it was up and running. Lachance shares the step-by-step process he used to gain internal and external self-control in The formula of luck.

Throughout the thought-provoking chapters of this book, you will be invited to consider all the ways you are already affecting what some people call “luck.” Yes, you can stack the odds in your favor by positioning yourself carefully. Let yourself be taught by this master of reinvention and positive thinking.

You may never have thought about the monastery lifestyle. Still, have you ever wondered how monks remain so peaceful in challenging and even scary situations? The answer, says Jay Shetty, is in the way they control their thought processes.

Shetty knows what he’s talking about in this book. He lived as a monk for years before returning to his hometown. However, what he brought back was more than an adventure story. It was a new way of seeing the world.

On Think like a monk – train your mind for peace and purpose every day, Shetty challenges you to rethink your brain. Under his tutelage, you will discover how to banish your negativity once and for all. You’ll also discover how to catch and retain those bits of fleeting happiness that all too often seem to disappear amid the stressors of modern life. It’s safe to say that once you start thinking like a monk, you can’t help but enjoy the wisdom that comes from inner peace.

It’s not often that a must-read list contains two “Think like a …” treasures. This list is an exception to the rule.

Although Ozan Varol’s Think Like a Rocket Scientist: Simple Strategies You Can Use to Take Big Steps in Work and Life It may sound like an advertisement for STEM careers, but it isn’t. It’s a playbook to help you understand how applying scientific thinking to any problem can improve your results and your confidence.

We all face uncertainty regularly. Varol makes it seem less overwhelming by showing that the unknown doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Rather, it can fuel incredible imagination and innovation.

With this in mind, you may want to read this book with a list of some of your biggest problems by your side. At the end of each chapter, use what you’ve learned to help you solve the puzzles that perplex you.

This book may have already been introduced to you years ago when it first appeared on the bestseller list. Some people found it amazing. Others chuckled at what seemed naive. Many claimed that it was too radical a principle to sustain the water.

I still read this book at the beginning of each year; does something for my enthusiasm for work. I have to show up full time at work, but I do better because of Tim Ferris.

However, Ferris and his must-read book may be the last to laugh. Many companies are considering the benefits that could come from cutting the tried-and-true workweek by one day. No, they don’t allow employees to work a few hours, but they are rethinking how to make it work … well, works.

Could spending fewer hours tied to your occupational to-do list really make a difference in your life? Get up to date with The 4-hour workweek: escape from 9 to 5, live anywhere and join the nouveau riche and find out. Find out how Ferris increased his personal wealth by outsourcing tasks and eliminating the superfluous, all while making his life easier.

Their tips for downsizing may amaze you with their simplicity. Even if you never make it to a four-hour workweek, you can get the freedom that comes from claiming more than those 168 hours we get every seven days.

Could it be time to “put on the cape”? You may never have thought of yourself in a heroic way. However, Terrance McMahon believes that you have more inside of you to do and give than you ever imagined.

The survivor of a near-death health scare, McMahon wrote Superhero Self: How to Bounce From Anything and Recreate – A 12-Week Plan for Personal Transformation as a manual for people who were at their lowest ebb.

No matter where your life has taken you up to this point, you are not short of opportunities or options. Get the adrenaline rush and motivation you need to do magical things you once thought were impossible. If McMahon can beat an all-consuming addiction, you too can move toward your goals. Just have faith that, underneath it all, you have the beating heart of a superhero.

Many people often feel stuck. If that describes you, don’t let another season go by. Start a beautiful metamorphosis right away by taking a trip to the bookstore or ordering a supply of new must-read books for your library.

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