Levoit VeSync Core 300S Smart Air Purifier Review: A Pint Size Value

People who need a discreet air purifier for a relatively small space could do worse than Levoit’s VeSync Core 300S. A cylinder only 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide, and weighing just 6 pounds, this purifier can be easily stored anywhere.

With a unique CADR rating of 141 cubic feet per minute (we prefer that suppliers provide a CADR number for each of the three major air pollutants: smoke, pollen and dust), the unit is designed to clean 219 square feet up to 5 times per hour, drawing in air from the base and blowing clean air upward from the top of the device.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best air purifiers, where you will find reviews of competing offerings, as well as a buyer’s guide on the features to consider when purchasing this type of product.

A single cylindrical filter is loaded into the device from the bottom. The default filter includes a simple pre-filter, a HEPA H13 filter, and a carbon filter, all in one unit. (Four different types of replacement filters, including those specifically designed to handle pet smoke and allergens, are available at prices of $ 30 to $ 40). Filters should last 6 to 8 months of normal use.

levoit core 300s top controls Sees it

You can control the Levoit Core 300S with these touchscreen controls on top, or you can use the app we had trouble with.

An extensive control system can be found on the top of the device, with touch-sensitive buttons for power, fan speed (three levels), automatic mode, sleep mode (all lights off, very low speed) and a function. which disables its LEDs. A color-changing ring indicates one of the four general levels of ambient air quality, but you will need the application if you want a higher level of detail. Lastly, a countdown timer is available that allows you to set the Core 300S to turn off automatically, after 1 to 12 hours. (The timer button just scrolls one hour at a time.)

levoit 2 app Christopher Null / IDG

The app is packed with features, but they work erratically due to connectivity issues.

The unit is very quiet at lower speeds, especially in night mode, when it is practically inaudible. At full power, the system is noisy as is typical for purifiers, but it is never as overbearing as larger purifiers can be.

You will need to connect to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and Levoit’s VeSync app if you want mobile control. Doing so is a worthwhile addition as it adds a few extra features to the mix. These include a detailed scheduling system, a timer, a screen lock option that disables built-in controls, and more advanced controls such as settings that allow you to adjust the way automatic mode works.

The application includes a numerical indicator of PM2.5 levels, as well as a database of historical data on pollutants (inside and outside) and even a historical graph of the speeds at which the fan has operated. Both charts are available by the day or by the week.

And all of this would be great if the app wasn’t so unstable. When it works it’s wonderful, but the app is prone to near-constant disconnections from the purifier, feeding the user a constant diet of “device offline” and “request exhausted” errors. It took me a full day to get a firmware update to complete successfully, after which I was hoping the bugs would be resolved. Unfortunately, they only got worse and often left the app unusable for hours. Some features, like the timer system in the app, could never work properly. Both Alexa and Google Home are supported if you want voice control over the system, but given your connectivity issues, you wouldn’t hold your breath in hopes of solid reliability.


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