Cable cutting continues to beat cable, even with price increases

Whenever prices are raised by a streaming service, it’s tempting to think that it would be better to go back to cable.

You may have had those thoughts a couple of weeks ago, for example, when Hulu announced a price increase of $ 5 per month for its live TV service, raising the cost to $ 70 per month as of December 21. onwards. That’s a 75 percent increase from what Hulu + Live TV cost when it launched in 2017, and while the service has more channels than it used to, and will soon include both Disney + and ESPN + in its base package, it won’t. you can choose whether to pay for those additional channels or not.

But even a cursory glance across the fence shows that cutting the cord is even better. Cable also gets more expensive, and unlike services like Hulu, you don’t get more for your money when prices go up.

A tale of two price increases

Even before the next price hike, Hulu was already bundling its on-demand service (a $ 7 per month value) with its live TV service at no additional cost, and subscribers could add Disney + and ESPN + for an additional $ 8 to the month, which increases the price. at $ 73 per month. For subscribers who already had the full Disney package, Hulu’s new pricing will save you $ 3 per month. (Customers will be automatically credited the difference, as long as both accounts use the same email address.)

By comparison, traditional TV providers are raising prices without offering any new value in return. The latest example is Comcast, which just announced its own price increases earlier this week.

What posted on RedditComcast’s “Digital Starter” basic television service cost will increase from $ 62.45 to $ 65.45 per month on January 1 in the Chicago area, but the cable giant is also increasing its expensive rates. Comcast’s television broadcast rate will increase from $ 16.20 to $ 19.75 per month, while the Chicago area regional sports rate will increase from $ 14.45 to $ 17.30 per month. Comcast’s TV connection fee, which applies to your first cable box or streaming player, is also increasing to $ 8.50, $ 1 more than before.

That adds up to a price increase of $ 10.40 per month and a total TV bill of at least $ 111 per month, with more than a third of the cost coming from unannounced rates. Meanwhile, the DVR service adds another $ 10 per month to the bill, and the cost of renting additional cable boxes is now $ 8.50 per month.

Please note that price increases will not be exactly the same in all markets. Phillip Swann’s Notes that Comcast is not increasing regional sports rates in Connecticut and parts of New Jersey, where it recently eliminated MSG Networks. Instead, Multichannel news reports That single New Hampshire market will see television broadcast rates rise by $ 5, to a staggering $ 24.95 per month.

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