UltraPro Outdoor 2-Outlet Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review: For Penny Pinchers

Our previous coverage of the UltraPro indoor smart plug informed readers that the brand is the same product that Jasco sells under its Enbrighten name, only that it is sold at a different retailer and in different packaging. UltraPro products are sold on Amazon. Enbrighten is typically sold at Lowe’s and in Jasco’s own website, although you will also find some models on Amazon.

The same rule applies to this UltraPro outdoor plug – there is also an Enbrighten doppelganger, although there is a significant difference between the two, which I’ll get to. At the time of publication, the two devices were priced at $ 5 against each other; the UltraPro is a bit cheaper, which is really the only advantage it has.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best smart plugs, where you will find reviews of competing offerings, as well as a buyer’s guide on the features to consider when purchasing this type of product.

Like its Enbrighten-branded sibling (and the indoor version of this smart plug), it’s a decidedly inexpensive affair. The plastic housing feels flimsy and cheap, its two plugs lack rubberized covers (the Enbrighten plug does it include rubber outlet caps). In particular, the company doesn’t offer IP HVAC rating, and without outlet covers, I can’t imagine what it would be like (manufacturers attest to their own IP codes, but they generally take the matter seriously enough not to inflate them. You can read more about IP Codes in this other story).

ultrapro 3 smart plug app Christopher Null / IDG

The UltraPro application scheduling system is easy to work with and works well.

A single LED-backlit power button on top controls both plugs simultaneously; here there is no individual output control. Two LEDs, one red and one blue, are used to indicate whether the power is on and Wi-Fi is connected respectively. The first can be disabled in the app, but not the second.

As with all the Enbrighten and UltraPro products we’ve reviewed, the unit connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks only. Jasco does not specify a maximum power rating, but the Enbrighten plugs are rated for total power consumption of up to 1,875 general purpose / resistive watts and a maximum of 1/3 horsepower for one motor. It is safe to assume that the same limits apply here.

I had some setup issues with the Enbrighten unit, but none with this, which connected to the UltraPro application quickly and without complaint. There’s not much in the app – aside from a scheduling system and countdown timer, the only festoon is its set of three pre-built shows – Afternoon, Morning, and Dusk Till Dawn – giving you quick access to commonly used scenes. . Alexa and the Google Assistant are also supported, but there is no HomeKit support.

A $ 21 price tag puts it at the lower end of the price band for this category, and that’s one of the only real selling points the UltraPro Outdoor Smart Plug offers. That said, even at this price, I’m not confident enough in the long-term usability of this product in a humid or dusty environment. I would advise buyers to set their sights a bit higher to find a more durable device, even if it costs a bit more.

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