How to Set Up a Home Studio for Video Conferencing and More in 2021

Why do we need a Home Studio in 2021?

Yes, we spend countless hours learning to write with pencil at school. We hardly use that ability anymore. We write more and more and audiovisual content becomes the norm for young people and companies. After the pandemic, virtual meetings are there to stay and gradually become the standard. They offer convenience and new business opportunities. Although in real life business meetings we put a lot of effort into the visual settings (we dress up, select the correct location), in virtual meetings we haven’t explored the possibilities much yet. Here technology can help amplify and better convey your messages. When it comes to virtual, do we try so hard? Can we improve the experience of other users?

Video game and film professionals know that 50% of the experience is visual and 50% is audio. Many blog posts cover the visuals (cameras, lenses, and lighting). In this post, I will focus on the audio part. The key information here is that computers come with very low-level audio (microphones and speakers). Therefore, you can easily upgrade your voice quality by buying external devices and learning some softwares. At the end some bundle packages are presented according to different budgets: $ 300, $ 1,000, $ 8,000. Please note that there is no affiliation or commission from any vendor associated with this post.

How to proceed?

The answer is simple: proceed in iterations. Get started today by shopping for a low budget configuration and upgrade if you become a heavy user or need more quality.

To buy, you may want to first watch this video where I explain how an audio setup is made up and works:

How to set up a Home Studio for video conferencing

Source: YouTube – The Bast Blast Channel

An audio setup for every need and budget

Now if you want to continue, you will need equipment. Below are 3 examples of audio setups according to different budgets. Here the products come from a specialized audio dealer who validates the quality of the products. You may want to explore other options, but these packages are intended to provide a good overview of the possibilities.

The inexpensive $ 300 audio setup

The entry-level package could be set at $ 300. Most likely, this is a vast improvement in your sound quality. You’ll enjoy this setting for video conferencing, even broadcasting.

Home Studio installation package for $ 300

Audio package (audio interface, microphone, XLR cable, headphones) – $ 249

Microphone stand – $ 46

Microphone stand adapter – $ 5

The inexpensive $ 1000 audio setup

The mid-tier package could start at $ 1000. It’s an improvement over the previous audio setup. Feel free to explore the options, as this package is just a personal preference that allows you to record with higher quality. It is well suited for applications such as live streaming, streaming, and even recording your own music album.

Home Studio installation package for $ 1000

Audio interface – $ 199

Microphone – $ 269

Microphone cable (3 ‘) to audio interface – $ 11

Microphone stand – $ 154

Headphones – $ 299

The inexpensive $ 8000 audio setup

The high-end package featured here includes tube-based gear used by Madonna, Dr Dre, and Snoop Dogg for a warm, natural sound. Here too, a rack-mountable approach will keep all these cables from messing up your desk. So if you and your business are looking for “high-end” studio sound, this bundle may just be what you’re looking for.

Home Studio installation package for $ 300

Audio interface – $ 1499

Audio interface rack mount adapter – $ 59

Channel strip (preamp, equalizer, compressor) – $ 3,145

Channel strip cable (3 ‘) to audio interface – $ 67

Microphone (with shock mount) – $ 1395

Microphone cable (3 ‘) to channel – $ 54

Microphone stand – $ 154

Microphone pop filter – $ 24

Power conditioner – $ 579

Headphones – $ 649

Rack mount (4U) – $ 135

Hope this helps improve your business results. Again, these packages are not tied to any affiliation or sales commission. Feel free to modify the proposed options and leave comments or questions.

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Bastien Beauchamp

Bastien Beauchamp

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