Focal Celestee Headphone Review: Incredibly Detailed Sound

Focal’s Celestee closed-back headphones are one of those beautiful objects that can make you believe in the possibility of a life without compromise. An extraordinary listening experience combines with bold design and superb build quality to create truly spectacular headphones.

The $ 990 Celestee replaces the $ 899 Elegia model in Focal’s lineup and is now the entry-level model in the company’s line that peaks with the $ 3,999 Utopia open cans.

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Built to last

The design of the Celestee is striking, with a navy blue and copper color scheme evoking the interior of an ultra-high-end luxury car. The ear cushions, covered in semi-aniline leather which should last longer than other types of leather, offer comfort and excellent sound insulation.

Focal light blue detail Focal

Celestee’s closed-back helmets are wrapped in semi-aniline leather; that is, top grain leather treated with a dye that has a small amount of pigment.

The headphones use the same dyed leather overlaid with a blue stainless steel grille. The copper badge features an engraving of the Focal logo and the message that they were “Fabriqué en France”.

The leather headband features a microfiber lining that makes them much more comfortable to wear for a long period of time. The rigid aluminum yoke helps ensure a perfect fit no matter the size or shape of your head.

There is a 4 foot mini jack cable that splits to plug into each headphone. Both the cable and headphone jacks are labeled L and R to match left / right. There is also a 1/4-inch jack adapter.

The carrying case picks up the copper and blue colors of the headphones and features a quality zipper that matches the construction of the cans.

celestee focal case Focal

The Celestee’s carrying case resembles a couture bag.

The overall effect is of a futuristic Atomic Age design that could have been introduced in the world’s fair of the century. Look for these headphones on display in an art museum sometime in the next 50 years.

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