LG shows roll-up, cloth-covered TVs ahead of CES

LG is offering a sneak peek at two of its most striking “lifestyle” TVs to date: a smaller battery-operated model that sits on a roll-up stand and a 65-inch cloth-covered TV that can lean against a Wall. like a work of art.

Slated to debut at CES early next month, the LG StanbyME is a 27-inch wireless touchscreen mounted on a height-adjustable stand with hidden wheels, allowing you to move it from room to room. Meanwhile, the motorized cloth cover of the slim LG Objet TV can be raised or lowered with the push of a button.

LG StanbyME

Basically a giant-sized tablet on a roll-up stand, the StanbyME touchscreen can be tilted and rotated in portrait or landscape mode, while its built-in battery allows up to three hours of TV viewing between charges.

You’ll be able to stream video from your iPhone or Android phone to the StanbyMe via LG’s mobile screen mirroring feature, while a removable phone base on top of the set lets you use your phone’s camera for video calls. The StanbyMe also features USB and HDMI connectors for laptops and PCs.

Similar to a tablet, the LG StanbyME has a touchscreen user interface with icons for apps ranging from Netflix and YouTube to a web browser and media player, and when you’re not actively using the computer, it can display artwork, photo galleries. , or a watch.

LG Object TV

LG also shows off the LG Objet TV, a 65-inch slim OLED screen with a motorized cloth cover that can be raised or lowered with the push of a button.

lg tv object LG

LG’s new 65-inch Object TV has a motorized cloth cover that can be raised or lowered with the push of a button, and can be propped against a wall like a work of art.

The Objet TV can be propped against a wall at an angle of up to five degrees, giving it an art gallery vibe, or it can be installed flush against a wall, while an in-frame cable management system maintains video cables out of sight. .

Equipped with a set of 4.2-channel 80-watt speakers, the most striking feature of Objet TV is its interchangeable cloth cover, designed by the Danish textile company Kvadrat.


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