Monoprice M1070C planar headphones review: realism in listening

The Monolith by Monoprice M1070C planar magnetic over-ear headphones are big and by no means sexy. It does not support Bluetooth and has separate inputs on each earbud. If your goal is to avoid cables and look good while running, this is not the headset you are looking for.

But if you’re looking to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the music as it was recorded, then this surprisingly lightweight (given its size), comfortable, and affordable $ 400 (on sale for $ 300 at the time of this review) headphone should be. on your short list.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best headphones, where you will find reviews of competing offerings, as well as a buyer’s guide on the features to consider when purchasing this type of product.

Specifications and design

When I say big, you may not understand my full meaning. The flat magnetic drivers inside the M1070C are huge at 106mm (4.17in), so the cups on these beauties are much larger than normal.

They are also 2.5 inches deep, with plenty of clearance for your atria. That ameliorates my main complaint about a lot of headphones: ears flattened against the speaker grills.

angle monoprice 1070c Monoprice

Monoprice 1070Cs offer highly balanced sonic realism

No Bluetooth means no batteries are involved, so despite the large dimensions, the M1070C weighs just 22.6 ounces. That might sound heavy, but due to the large surface areas involved and the generous padding on both the cups and the headband, the M1070C is a very padded experience.

In fact, I found them much more comfortable than the recently revised Marshall Monitor II ANC, extremely loud, much lighter, but somewhat tight and uncomfortable for long listening.

The M1070C is not what you would call a low impedance headphone, but featuring 60 ohms of impedance means it is not super high-Independence headphones either. I had to increase the gain on my audio interface (Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad) a couple of notches to achieve the same volume as with my Sony MDR-7506 daily controller, but there was still a lot of leeway.

The only connections on the M1070C are the 3.5mm connectors for the headphone cable. One in each cup. Yes, it is a Y-cable rather than the one-time connection with an extender on headphones that most consumers use.

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