Securam EOS review: a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart lock

Back in March 2020 we brought you a review of Securam Touch, from a company better known, at the time, for making locks for safes. The Touch was capable enough for a first product from a company entering the smart home space, though it did have a couple of major drawbacks, including an unpolished app and especially no Wi-Fi support. The new Securam EOS solves both problems. It’s still not a perfect smart lock, but at least it’s a somewhat improved (and cheaper) one.

Let’s start with the hardware. The Touch’s old hockey puck design is on the outside, a new rectangular design is on the inside. It still has a bit of an industrial look to it, and homeowners with a more classic design sensibilities may find this lock a bit out of place. The outer shield features a fingerprint reader on top, with a surprisingly small numeric touchpad underneath. (These numbers can be difficult to press accurately if you have big hands – the good news is that you probably won’t need them, as the fingerprint reader is top-notch.)

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Beneath the keyboard, a drop down cover conceals a physical keyhole and 9-volt battery backup terminal. There’s also an interesting (and optional) door sensor feature, courtesy of a pair of small arms that extend from the inner escutcheon to line up with the edge of the door; It’s a much smarter and simpler design than the typical dangling door sensor found in many smart locks. The unit is available in a black or silver finish, though both are fairly stark in appearance.

secure them fingerprint reader Sure

The Securam EOS is equipped with a fast and accurate fingerprint reader.

Securam includes only minimal paper documentation. To install the lock, you will need the SecuramGuard app. This replaces the old one, called Securam APAC. The new app includes a helpful installation guide, with short, helpful videos thankfully. I was able to install the lock in minutes, but soon found out that the lock gave me an error every time I tried to lock the door, saying that the bolt would not fully extend (even though the bolt was fully extended).

secure them app 2 Christopher Null / IDG

The new Securam app opts for a more basic utility interface.

It took a call to tech support to find out that I had inserted the tailpiece from the side, an issue that could easily be fixed with a small adjustment to the latch mechanism design or the addition of an in-app calibration option. In any case, after disassembling the lock and reassembling it, everything worked fine from a hardware perspective.

Again, the biggest change here is that, in addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only) is now built into the lock rather than requiring a separate plug-in jumper, although this will likely come at the expense of the duration of the lock. battery: four AA will provide 6 to 8 months of runtime, depending on the company. The Wi-Fi experience was immediately a bit shaky – it took me three tries to get the lock to sign up with the SecuramGuard app, after which I was finally able to start interacting with it via my phone.

From a usage perspective, the SecuramGuard app is an improvement over its predecessor, though it still has plenty of room for further enhancements, starting with its overly aggressive requirement that you log in every time you launch the app – a real annoyance that you can’t. be marked at all. The app offers basic access to lock / unlock features and a log of all activity, plus auto-lock options, the option to turn the door sensor on or off, and volume settings for the lock’s built-in speaker ( although even on high, it’s a bit too quiet for my liking). Both Alexa and the Google Assistant are supported, and the app can be used to disable the ability to use voice commands to open the lock, as this can be a security risk if someone can, for example, yell through of a window for Alexa. unlock the door.

secure inner shield Sure

The shield on the Securam EOS cannot be described as anything other than imposing.

One odd negative: the system only supports nine users, which can be a variety of administrators, residents, or visitors. The first two types of users must download the SecuramGuard app to gain access, but visitors can be configured directly, including limited access time. At least they can in theory; I was never able to get visitor access to work without receiving a “communication error”, although other types of access settings worked fine.

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