CES 2022: Sengled Prepares Bluetooth Mesh Bulb for Sleep Tracking

Smart home maker Sengled says it’s working on a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mesh bulb that will be able to monitor your sleep, track your vital signs, and even detect falls.

Sengled touted the upcoming A19 bulb at CES in Las Vegas this week, where it also showcases a new image-sync TV light strip, smart string lights, a wearable smart lamp, and a pair of new Zigbee smart sensors.

The “health monitoring” bulb, which won a CES innovation award in 2022, is in the “very early” stages of development, according to a Sengled representative.

Equipped with a small radar, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-chip mesh bulb will offer sleep tracking along with “select” biometric measurement tracking, including heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs.

When used with a second health monitoring bulb, the two devices will be able to connect via Bluetooth mesh and create a “virtual map” of the room that can help determine if an occupant has fallen and needs assistance.

Work on the light bulb only started late last year, Sengled said, and is not expected to arrive before the fourth quarter of 2022.

LED Strip Light for TV Wi-Fi with Video Sync

Further down the Sengled pipeline is a new smart TV light strip that can be synced to the image on the screen with the help of a small camera.

light strip sengled wi fi tv Sengled

Sengled’s upcoming Wi-Fi TV light strip can be synchronized with the image on a TV screen with the help of a small camera mounted above or below the screen.

Suitable for TV screen sizes ranging from 45 to 75 inches, the Wi-Fi enabled LED strip light will come with a dozen light segments and can glow in up to 16 million colors.


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