Samsung TVs at CES 2022: 144Hz TVs for gamers, better backlighting

Samsung’s 2022 line of televisions represents an evolution of what are already some of the best televisions on the market. Here is a brief overview.

The company introduced the mini-LED backlight last year; This year, it offers finer control of the backlight. Equally welcome, not to mention the expected, is a revamped home screen. Samsung’s SmartHub was cutting edge when it first arrived, but it lagged behind in terms of usability over Roku, WebOS, and even Google TV in recent years.

samsung 2022 smart hub samsung tv plus Samsung

Samsung has revamped its SmartHub home screen to bring users to the content they watch the most.

Now when you turn it on, you are greeted by a multimedia mashup hub, with a game hub at your fingertips. We haven’t put it into practice yet, but we are hopeful for more efficient navigation. There’s even support for NFT (Non-fungible tokens) in enhanced ambient mode that displays artwork and other images when you’re not watching movies or live TV. That’s great for folks who spend disposable income on NFT and need a place to display it, but for us, it’s one of the most tangential additions to TV tech we’ve come across.

In a nod to the physical isolation produced by a certain virus of unknown origin, Samsung introduces the Watch Together mode. Think of it as a zoom-like overlay for live-action television that allows people in remote homes to watch television together and react to what they see.

In addition to an expanded gaming center, some TVs in this year’s Samsung lineup will offer 144Hz refresh rates. We can’t say if this will improve your game, but it is well suited to the capabilities of the latest consoles. There’s also a game bar with a zoom feature (so you can see tiny maps), as well as other possibly useful perks.

Samsung neo qled 4k qn90b product 01 Samsung

Samsung QN90B 8K Neo QLED (LCD) TV.

The Frame TV series features an increase in technology with the addition of a new anti-reflective coating, while the micro-LED offers a 10 percent increase in color gamut.

Samsung’s Neo QLED 2022s, along with improved mini-LED backlight zone control, will offer greater luminance granularity, from 12-bit to 14-bit, or 4096 levels to 16384 levels. The company is also promoting new algorithms that attempt to recognize the focal object in a scene and subtly highlight it to make it stand out.

samsung eco remote control 2022 Samsung

Samsung’s 2022 ECO remote control features the same rechargeable battery and solar panel charging as last year. It’s not news, but it’s one of our favorite remotes so we’ve included this photo.

Samsung’s 2022 TVs offer a number of welcome upgrades. But we are left wondering why the company is not taking advantage of the (Samsung display) highly touted RGB OLED technology in a new alternative line. Maybe next year.

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