CES 2022: Lenovo’s Updated Smart Clock Essential Has Alexa Built-in

Lenovo is debuting a revamped version of its scaled-down Smart Clock Essential, this time with Alexa on board instead of Google Assistant. Lenovo also shows off an optional clock stand that glows in a variety of colors.

Slated for release this month, Smart Clock Essential with built-in Alexa (that’s the official name) has a new design similar to the recent Lenovo Smart Clock 2, with a taller, narrower look and a fabric-covered casing.

Unlike the Smart Clock 2, the Smart Clock Essential does not have a full touch screen; Instead, the auto-dimming non-touch display offers just the basics, including a giant digital clock, the outside temperature and humidity, the day of the week, and more.

Of course, the best feature of the updated Smart Clock Essential is built-in Alexa, which allows you to set alarms and timers, get a detailed weather report, check your schedule, control smart home devices, and more, all with voice commands. You can also ask Alexa to play some tunes, which you can play through the clock’s built-in 3-watt controller or through a Bluetooth-connected speaker.

This is the first of Lenovo’s smartwatches to come with Alexa built in. The original Lenovo Smart Clock and Smart Clock 2 came with the Google Assistant built in, as did the first-generation Smart Clock Essential.

On top of the new Smart Clock Essential are buttons for volume control, the Alexa “action” button, and a snooze button, while a switch on the back allows you to mute the watch’s 2-microphone array for added convenience. Privacy. The watch lacks a camera, which is not surprising given that the display lacks video capability.

In addition to the Alexa-enabled Smart Clock Essential, Lenovo is also promoting an Ambient Light Dock as an optional accessory.

lenovo ambient light base Lenovo

The optional ambient light base can glow in a variety of colors, and you can change its color mode by tapping Smart Clock Essential or by asking Alexa.

The bubble-shaped ambient light base comes with eight light modes, ranging from solid, multi-colored scenes to rhythmic motion lighting. You can change the light modes by tapping the top of the docked Smart Clock Essential or by asking Alexa.


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