LG TV News CES 2022 includes brighter OLEDs

LG has made great strides in LCD TVs for CES 2022. In fact, we voted them the most improved (preliminary test). Of course, they were behind the tech curve for a couple of years, but better late than never. New lifestyle models and brighter OLED TVs are also available.

Mini-LEDs and quantum dots for LCD

LG’s 2022 QNED (nee NanoCell) LCD TVs should offer big improvements in picture quality: more accurate colors due to the use of quantum dots and better contrast and blacks derived from the addition of mini-LED backlighting.

LG calls its version of mini-LED technology (backlighting and control thereof) Precision Dimming Pro +, for the 2400 zone. QNED 99+ top of the line. Then reduce the naming convention to Dimming Pro on the QNED80. We speculate that the number of lights and zones decreases accordingly with each name and price.

Brighter OLED

No dramatic changes were found in LG’s 2022 OLED TVs; however, the company did talk about an increase in brightness. Fifth generation A9 processor (in A2, C2, G2 series) is said to bring a brighter picture by pushing existing OLED elements more strongly; albeit in a way that does not generate a lot of extra heat or unduly affect shelf life (i.e. burns).

We assume from the images provided by LG that the improvement will be relatively slight and will not be realized by overloading the white sub-pixel, which would lead to a bloom.

lg you have a 48cx tv LG

48-inch LG OLED (LG model 48CX)

As you can guess from that last piece of information, LG’s 2022 OLEDs are still RGB + W; that is, they use red, green, blue, and white sub-pixels. It’s not the quantum dot RGB OLED announced by Sony and others for next year. After almost a decade with the best, and for quite some time, the only OLED on the market, LG may now be on the defensive in terms of OLED image quality.

You look wonderful

Sleek new form factors are coming from LG TV for 2022. Objet TV joins and pairs with the company’s Objet line of furniture and home appliances. The StanByMe TV sits on its own matching pillar / stand and can be used for up to three hours without AC thanks to an internal battery.

Note that the missing consonants are not typos, just LG naming conventions (aka marketing).


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