Roborock Showcases A Pair Of Awesome Floor Cleaners At CES 2022

Roborock is showcasing two impressive floor cleaning appliances at CES 2022. First up is the comprehensive floor cleaning robot, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. This robot not only vacuums and scrubs your floors, but also refills its own water tank, washes its own cleaning pads, Y empty your own trash can.

The vacuum side of the S7 MaxV Ultra boasts a suction power of 5100pa, more than double that of the S7 + model we reviewed in October, and that model won the editors’ choice award. The new model also features a revamped navigation system based on an RGB camera, 3D structured light, and a neural processing unit that allows the vacuum to recognize and clean around objects in its path. It can also recognize furniture and its position in the room, allowing users to clean around dining tables or sofas by tapping an icon in the app.

roborock s7 maxv ultra 4 Roborock

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra not only vacuums and mops your floors, it also empties its own trash can and cleans its own mop.

Additionally, Roborock says the vacuum can identify the flooring material in each room and will adjust its cleaning pattern and suction power accordingly. And when your trash can is full, it will automatically return to the new empty wash fill dock, sucking up the dirt and placing it in a self-sealing bag that can hold enough dirt for 7 weeks of dust.

When mopping your floors, the S7 MaxV Ultra uses sonic waves to clean hard surfaces and will automatically lift your mop when it encounters rugs or carpets, to avoid wetting those floor coverings. To avoid dragging a dirty mop over freshly cleaned floors, the robot charging base will wash the mop and bottom of the robot, flushing the dirty sewage into a separate tank before re-wetting the mop.

Roborock Dyad Wet / Dry Stick Vacuum

For those who simply don’t trust a robot to clean their hard surface floors, Roborock has introduced the Dyad wet / dry vacuum. This appliance resembles a traditional vacuum cleaner, but has a water tank, two motors, and three rollers (one at the front and two at the rear) that suck up debris and scrub the floors at the same time.

roborock dyad 4 Roborock

Robrock Dyad is a wet / dry stick vacuum for hard surface floors.

Roborock says these rollers rotate in opposite directions to lift dry and wet dirt, and because they span the width of the vacuum head, they can clean edge-to-edge and flush with the wall. Meanwhile, the head rotates 180 degrees for easy navigation. The vacuum cleaner’s 5,000 mAh battery can operate the device for up to 35 minutes, which Roborock says is long enough to clean up to 3,056 square feet. A voice alert system notifies you of mode changes, as well as when the battery needs to be recharged. The Dyad charging base includes a drip tray to protect your floors.

While both the S7 MaxV Ultra and the Dyad can clean under running water, Roborock has partnered with Unilever to develop a special formulation of their OMO brand cleaning solution to clean tough stains and add a tea tree scent to your floors.

Roborock says its Dyad wet / dry stick vacuum will be available in the US later this month for $ 460. The company has not announced the price or availability of the S7 MaxV Ultra. We are working on a review of the Dyad now and hope to get our hands on the mop / vacuum robot soon.

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