Sony TV reveals mini-LED and quantum dot OLED backlighting at CES

Quantum dot OLED is the latest technology to hit televisions, and Sony’s flagship OLED televisions will be among the first to showcase it under the Bravia XR OLED and Triluminos Max names. Pure RGB QD OLED promises brighter images and truer colors across the entire luminance range than the current crop of RGB + W OLED offers.

The other big news from the company is the introduction of mini-LED backlighting on its new K-series LCD TVs and the Bravia Cam webcam, which will perform environmental detection and facilitate video chat.

QD OLED: RGB replaces RGB + W

All current consumer OLEDs use a fourth white sub-pixel to increase the brightness of the pixels whose red, green and blue elements are challenged in respect. This is known as RGBW or RGB + W. The problem is that increasing the brightness with white removes the colors.

The new QD OLED technology uses blue OLED emitters covered by quantum dots to create red and green, while passing through the blue light from the third OLED sub-pixel. With blue being much brighter than standard red and green OLED elements, this increases brightness without resorting to a white sub-pixel. The result is a true RGB palette across the entire luminance range, rather than one that turns pastel and then lightens as it gets brighter.

Sony has offered a pure RGB mastering OLED monitor for years and it was widely used by professionals in the film industry. However, it was only 24 inches long and was prohibitively expensive for the average user. This new technology is much cheaper with much higher yields, which makes it practical for larger panels.

Enhanced LCD backlight

Sony’s K-series 2022 LCD TVs are also taking a giant step forward with the introduction of mini-LED backlighting. Mini-LEDs dramatically reduce backlight artifacts, such as blooming, while delivering better blacks and contrast than traditional full-array backlights. Mini-LED is fast becoming the standard in higher quality LCD televisions.

sony z9k Sony

Sony’s 8K Z9K ​​will feature better backlighting, but there is still no way to display 8K files from a USB stick or via YouTube.

We hope to see how well Sony handles the technology compared to TCL and other mini-LED backlit pioneers in a future review.

Still no internal 8K

In a lack of progress that is difficult to comprehend, Sony’s new high-end 8K UHD Z9K still lacks the support for 8K playback from USB mass media or YouTube. This is a feature that all the other 8K TVs we have reviewed offer. Only input signals via HDMI (a relatively CPU-friendly task that requires no decoding) will be processed in 8K UHD on this TV.

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