The Samsung Freestyle video projector can be screwed into a light socket

Weighing less than two pounds, Samsung’s Freestyle Portable Video Projector is designed to deliver big-screen entertainment anywhere from the wall of a living room to the side of a caravan, and can even draw power from a standard light socket.

Announced tonight at CES and available now for pre-order, the 1080p Freestyle is about the size of a thermos and comes with a detachable stand that rotates 180 degrees.

While you can use the Freestyle with a traditional projection screen, Samsung clearly expects users to project images of the Freestyle almost anywhere – on walls, ceilings, floors, whatever.

Capable of projecting an image anywhere from 30 to 100 diagonal inches, the 1.9-pound Freestyle features automatic keystone correction (driven by a three-axis accelerometer) that helps keep the image square even when projecting from an angle. The Freestyle also has a time-of-flight sensor for autofocus.

Samsung the detail of freestyle Samsung

The 1.9-pound Freestyle features automatic keystone correction that keeps the image square even when projecting from an angle.

For audio, the Freestyle relies on a 360-degree driver and passive radiator for (as Samsung puts it) “cinema-quality” sound. No, we are not talking about Dolby Atmos here, but with its passive radiator, one could expect at least some bass from the sounds of the Freestyle.

In addition to its basic video and audio projection functions, the Freestyle also includes a full Samsung Smart TV interface, allowing you to stream video from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, while the far-field microphones allow you to chat with your “favorite. “. ā€¯Voice assistant, including Samsung’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby.

Samsung is also promoting the Freestyle as an ambient lamp, with the projector sporting an “ambient” mode while a translucent lens cap turns off the light. The Freestyle can also sync its light to the sound of nearby music.

As for power, the Freestyle takes advantage of a built-in USB-C port, and the projector also supports USB-PD batteries that provide an output of 80W / 20V or more.

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