Vizio’s new mid-range Elevate soundbar has rotary controllers that play peek-a-boo

Two years after launching its flagship Elevate soundbar with auto-flip-up drivers for Dolby Atmos content, Vizio has announced a version of Elevate with a new, more “subtle” design, plus a more affordable price.

Available starting this month, the Vizio M-Series Elevate arrives with a redesigned version of the rotary controllers that were, until now, exclusive to the more expensive Elevate in the P-series.

The newer Elevate ditches the perforated look of the more expensive version, which had segments at the left and right ends that visibly rotated upward to bounce Dolby Atmos or DTS: X height signals off the ceiling, or forward to reinforce the soundstage for 5.1 and stereo audio. .

Instead, the M-Series Elevate (model M512E-K6) has a solid design, with left and right port tubes poking out from the ends of the soundbar only when its rotary drivers are turned up. When the controllers point forward, the port tubes are completely hidden.

vizio m series elevate m512e k6 detail Vizio

The M-Series Elevate has left and right port tubes that poke out from the ends of the soundbar only when its rotary controllers are turned up.

Vizio says the new look for its M-Series Elevate was “intentionally designed to be more subtle so as not to distract from the overall living room environment.”

That being said, those hidden port tubes can be eye-catching if you want them to be, as they come with LED accent lights that can glow in various colors; You can also keep the LEDs off if you prefer to stick with the “subtle” vibration.

In addition to the redesigned rotary drivers, the Vizio M-Series Elevate has a subwoofer with a new rounded design, along with a pair of low-profile wireless rear speakers.

Currently slated to retail for $ 699 (I’m told the price could still change), the Elevate M-series costs $ 300 less than the Elevate P-series, but you’ll have to settle for some sonic compromises.

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