“Bob” the dishwasher can deliver a small load of dishes in 20 minutes

The modern dishwasher has been a kitchen accessory since at least the 1960s, which is why many people take it for granted. But many of us who live in apartments or small houses with tiny kitchens have resigned ourselves to doing the task by hand, either because there is no place to put one or because we do not want something to monopolize the kitchen tap. French company Daan Tech might have the solution: a countertop appliance it calls “Bob.”

Daan Tech launched in Europe in 2021, selling around 35,000 units. The company’s second-generation washing machine ships in the summer and will be available in two versions: the $ 299 “Minimalist Bob,” which comes in black or white, and the $ 399 “Custom Bob,” which lets you choose between black. or white. body and 24 door colors. The pricier model also includes a host of extras, including Wi-Fi connectivity, a color screen, backlit buttons, and UV-C disinfection.

Countertop dishwashers are nothing new, but they are usually connected to the kitchen faucet with a hose. In fact, I just bought one myself: the Farberware Countertop Dishwasher—And I only found out his extension through a TikTok video. But a full cycle with the Farberware machine takes about two hours if you include drying. It’s pretty big too – 45 pounds and about a foot and a half square.

Bob dishwasher Daan Tech

Daan Tech says your Bob Countertop Dishwasher should fit under your typical kitchen cabinet.

Daan Tech says its Bob is the smallest countertop dishwasher in the world, measuring 19.3 x 13.4 x 19.3 inches (HxWxD) and weighing just 22 pounds. While it is taller than many countertop models, Daan Tech says it should fit under most cabinets, and its added height allows it to wash dishes up to 11.4 inches in diameter.

A wash and dry cycle takes approximately 20 minutes on the “express” setting and uses one gallon of water to wash two full place settings or up to 16 glasses or cups. Bob uses a proprietary detergent cassette that can last up to 30 washes; however, you can use standard dishwasher detergent if you prefer. The touch-open door of the dishwasher opens automatically during the drying cycle to help dry dishes faster. You can also use the UV-C function on the custom model by itself to disinfect small objects.

Currently, the Custom Bob is not compatible with Alex or Google Assistant, but has Wi-Fi connectivity to download updates and custom wash cycles. The company said it plans to add additional functionality, including virtual assistant support, in future updates. We hope to have the opportunity to review Bob soon and we are extremely interested to see how well he performs.

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