15 types of Facebook posts you can use to engage your audience

Social media marketing is imperative for business growth. We create brand accounts and pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other platform to attract a wide audience and turn them into long-term loyal customers. We use content reuse and social media remarketing to grow audience and get qualified leads.

The only problem:

99% of other companies large and small do the same. The competition for the interest of authentic fans is huge, and we must go the extra mile if we want to win. And that’s where most marketers get stuck:

  • “What kind of Facebook content does my business need?”
  • “What to post on Facebook to increase the reach and interaction with my business page?”
  • “What should I include in my Facebook content plan to address the needs of my goals and meet my business goals at the same time?”

At the end of this article, we’ll reveal the 15 best types of Facebook posts that guarantee audience engagement so you don’t have to grapple with new content ideas every day.

Here they go:

1) Blog posts with tips, how-tos, lists, etc.

If you run a blog on your business website, why not share your content with your Facebook audience? Users love educational and informative posts that help them learn new things or find solutions to their problems. More than that, such content satisfies the need for knowledge that we all have unconsciously.

Since you know your buyer persona from the inside out, consider their needs when choosing blog content topics. Share actionable posts with tips and guides, helpful checklists and how-tos, and more. Get your message across for readers to reflect on and respond to.

2) Original images (brand graphics)

Original images not only make your Facebook page unique, but they also serve to make users aware of your brand. Thanks to the widest variety of free online design tools available, we can choose the perfect design free templates and create brand graphics with a company logo, colors, and fonts incorporated.

Use the chosen one template design to share quotes, tips, motivational sayings, relevant jokes, etc. Consider various shades of your brand colors, add high resolution stock photos, add text to photo free and come up with creative descriptions. Thus, you will get the unique content that your audience will appreciate.

3) Infographic

Do you remember that people perceive visual information 60,000 times faster than text? Infographics are the perfect way to illustrate your business ideas instead of describing them in long reads. This type of content often gets a lot of likes and shares, killing two birds with one stone – it’s informative but easy to consume.

But be sure to size them so that users can see all the little details well.

4) Stories

We know the power of storytelling:

  • By retaining 70% of the information through stories, people are more likely to remember it, not the data or statistics about brands.
  • Stores evoke emotions, and the emotional response is what influences our judgments about brands, increasing customer loyalty and intention to buy a product.
  • Users are lost in a sea of ​​marketing messages today, and a compelling brand story is your chance to set yourself apart from the competition.

The stories resonate with us, especially if we’ve been through something similar. So share stories about your business, its mission, or the people behind your brand. Talk about the struggles and needs of your audience.

Readers test your content for feelings rather than facts, so get them to “feel” your writing on Facebook.

5) Videos

Video is among the hottest trends of 2020 – 53% of consumers consider it the most useful form of content. And Facebook knows it: With more than 8 billion videos viewed daily, the platform even has a separate “Watch” section dedicated just to video.

So it’s a great Facebook post idea for your business page – embed video content into your feed.

Believe it and share it often, but remember: 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound, so compose your video scripts accordingly.

Here are some ideas for your Facebook videos: basic stop motions, educational videos on how to use your product, behind the scenes of your business, your team, the fun side of your brand, interviews with experts, etc.

6) Questionnaires and surveys

This option is worth trying if your audience is not active on Facebook. Polls and polls will appeal to users because such content appeals to a basic human instinct, known as social.

This instinct has to do with achievement and group participation. We love when others listen to us, which is why surveys and polls invite us to take action and build a sense of personal worth. Also, this type of Facebook post can help you know what the audience thinks about your product, its features, etc.

To engage followers, avoid “yes or no” questions, add a little fun to your answer choices, or choose unexpected topics for your polls. It serves well for brand awareness and loyalty, so post such content from time to time to diversify your Facebook feed.

7) Quotes

People love dating! They can connect with anyone, they resonate and inspire us to take action. On social media, dating is among the most engaging types of content; and they can work for you too.

Don’t limit yourself to inspirational quotes from classic authors or mind gurus. Post quotes from influencers in your niche, your CEO or speakers, your clients, etc.

8) Viral photos

It’s okay to post viral photos every now and then, to diversify a Facebook feed when you run out of content ideas. Why not add a dash of humor and post a funny meme that is relevant to your industry. Create a short and smart description to make your followers smile.

This type of content is easy to generate. You can post funny photos or inspiring images that grab attention and invite clicks or shares. The only rule here is: make sure you keep a consistent visual style on your Facebook page.

9) Questions

A great way to engage your audience in a conversation is by asking questions. Ask them about business decisions; propose to fill in the blanks, vote with a reaction, reply in the comments, whatever! But include questions that are relevant to your industry and target audience.

You can also post your audience’s FAQs, provide concise answers, and invite the community to provide their suggestions and advice in the comments.

10) podcasts

Users love podcasts because podcasts are convenient to consume – we listen to educational or entertainment content and we can do some other work at the same time. As a general rule, an episode covers a topic; so the audience knows that you will get a new packet of information in small chunks. Plus, podcasts are convertible – if a user loves the information they got from a podcast, they will most likely share it on their Facebook pages.

Do your research, find topics that are relevant to both your business and your audience, and record some podcasts to share on your Facebook page. You can also repurpose your published blog posts as an audio format. Or, if you don’t have the resources to create this type of content, feel free to republish podcasts from your partners or industry influencers.

11) Selfie

Selfies aren’t just for Instagram. When done right, it can do a lot for your Facebook social media strategy. It is an opportunity to humanize your brand and give it personality. Transparency and authenticity is what we all want to see in brands today; And what can be more transparent than personal photos of your business on social media?

It is a great way to connect your brand with followers. Share behind-the-scenes shots of your business; post photos of your team at conferences and other events; publish images of your workspace, your products in use, your team building events, etc.

12) UGC (user generated content)

UGC is a great marketing strategy to try. It not only works for your credibility, but it also helps build a loyal community around your brand. So when you see users creating and sharing posts with your brand, consider sharing that content with your Facebook audiences. But remember to tag the author.

User-generated content promotes your brand authenticity, builds trust, and drives purchasing decisions. As we know, 88% of consumers trust the recommendations of other customers more than their own brand ads; and 79% of consumers say that the UGC has a significant influence on their purchasing decisions. So Facebook posts with UGC is your direct way to get more sales.

13) Fun challenges

People come to Facebook for news and fun. A sure way to pique their interest and increase engagement is your posts with interactive content: games, easy contests with rewards, giveaways, fun challenges, etc. These posts increase your reach and brand awareness and can attract more followers to your Facebook community.

When you post contests or challenges on Facebook, think about the rules. What should the participants do? Will you ask them to like, share or comment? Or will they need to take a photo with your product and write a story about its use? Also, think of prizes for a winner. What can you give: a gift, a discount, a monetary reward?

14) Your news

Include everything related to your product / service or business in general. Post product previews, new feature launches, brand awards and nominations, news about your business partners, and more.

Remember to include a call to action: invite readers to join, visit your new page, vote for your new logo or website design, or whatever is relevant to that particular news story you share.

15) Current affairs

Review trending topics on Facebook regularly and post on those potentially interesting to your target audience. It is an opportunity to interact with followers by asking what they think about the topic, responding to their comments, discussing alternative opinions, etc. More than that, it’s your chance to increase reach: Facebook rewards posts that are about current affairs, showing them first in the news.

Or, you can take full advantage of news hijacking to ride a wave of publicity related to a big problem in your industry or the world at large. By posting about big news that the online community is discussing right now, you can get explosive traffic growth. The rule here: be creative when putting your business in the context of the news.


Now that you know the 15 most popular types of Facebook posts to post on your business page, it’s time to choose the ones most relevant to your business needs and marketing strategy and include them in your content plan.

All internal images: provided by the author; Thanks!

Top Image Credit: Guilherme Almeida; Pexels; Thanks!

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