To learn about the ways cable cutters can solve broadcast frustrations

Last week, Accenture released a poll expressing widespread annoyance with TV broadcasting.

Consumers are frustrated the firm said, with having to manually navigate through many different apps and menus to find what they want, and they crave smarter recommendations that take into account their viewing habits across apps. Respondents were also irritated by “inefficient” subscriptions filled with content that they will never see.

None of this is surprising. For years, I’ve written about the overly isolated nature of TV broadcasting and how we need better universal guides to make sense of all the options. But as we get closer to 2022, much of what users claim to want, in fact, already exists. With just a little initial effort, you can solve some of the biggest frustrations in streaming TV today.

This is how you do it:

Create a search habit

Figuring out how to stream a particular movie or TV show isn’t the big challenge that is often presented, as most streaming devices already allow you to search all the major video services.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV device, Apple TV box, Google TV device, Android TV device, or Roku player, just search for the voice search button on your remote. Search for a movie or show and you will see exactly where to watch it. (I suggest avoiding Roku’s $ 30 Express Player in large part because its remote doesn’t offer voice search.)

rokuuniversalsearch Jared Newman / IDG

Most streaming devices offer universal search to track movies and shows.

The challenge is more about remembering to use voice search in the first place, as it may not come naturally if you’re used to clunky wired remotes. But once you get in the habit, it could become your favorite way to surf.

make a watch list

appletvtvapp Jared Newman / IDG

The “Up Next” row in the Apple TV app serves as a universal watch list.

Most of the major streaming platforms allow you to create a list of movies or shows to watch regardless of which streaming service they came from. Keeping these watchlist features in mind can save time later, when you’re not sure what to see next.

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